This is Why Your Arms Are Like Spaghetti


Let’s face it, everybody wants big arms.

What gym isn’t packed with heavy lifters, constantly working on their guns?

But what IS it about your workouts that just isn’t pulling through? You’re spending more than enough time on your biceps, but nothing is happening. You’ve given it everything and it’s getting you NOWHERE, -your arms still flopping all over the place like tree branches in the wind.

Sorry, Mac:

As long as you keep up these ridiculous routines, you’re getting nowhere…

End this today with these rock-solid tips for dynamite biceps as big as bison!

7 Hacks For Bigger And Stronger Arms


It’s pretty simple stuff really. You can’t have big biceps if you’re not big. Logical, huh?

Your diet is critical to achieving the biceps of your dreams -if you’re not taking enough energy in, they will simply not grow…

“After training be sure to eat 20g to 30g of protein and 60g to 90g of carbohydrates to kick-start the repair and regrowth of the muscles, an idea echoed by research published in the Journal of Physiology and Journal of Sports Medicine”

Reference: – Four scientific tips for bigger arms

Focus on beefing up your energy intake with calorie and protein-rich foods. As a general rule of thumb, if you are 180 cm tall, subtract 100, and that is your desired weight in kilograms (80, for those of you who aren’t too hot at math).

It’s All About The Curl

An all-too common mistake of newbies in the gym is swinging their weights. You should be forcing the weight with your bicep, and NEVER swing the weight when it gets to the bottom of your position.

Remember it’s all about quality, not quantity. You’re curling your biceps, not your wrists- which must be in line with your forearms for your whole set.

Make sure to complete a full range of motion. This forces your muscle fibers to the point of exhaustion, and that’s when the magic happens.

The Need For Speed

Most rookies make the mistake of working out too quickly, completing their entire set as fast as possible.

If you feel the weight is too much for slow exercises, it’s better to ease off the weight so you can complete slower reps.

This will seriously get your pump on, and you are bound to feel the burn.

Less is More


If you’re working on your guns every day and wondering why nothing’s happening, it’s quite simple; -your muscles need rest.

If you’ve never hear the phrase “less is more”, you’d do well to take it on board when it comes to biceps. Your muscles will lose strength as they heal, however they will come back stronger after 3-4 days.

If you want to work out less and enjoy bigger guns, follow this rule of thumb.

Legs First, Arms Second

Work on your legs first before arms workouts, and you’ll see the difference.

Extensive research has proved that legs exercises initiate growth hormone, testosterone and everything wonderful in this world.

Starting your arms workout after legs will utilize these magical things to push you harder, further, and turbocharge your progress with your biceps.

Look at The Big Picture

Having big biceps is only made possible by working on other muscle groups. If you’re only hitting the biceps and not working on your pecs, triceps, forearms and back, you’re getting nowhere in a hurry.

Try incorporating weighted dips, push-ups, chin-ups and more, to build a well-rounded group of muscles and supercharge your bicep gains.

Variety is Key

Mixing it up is important for ANY type of exercise, biceps included.

Do you always have the same old routine for biceps? There are two types of muscle fibers: fast and slow. If you’re sticking to one routine, you’re only working one of these groups.

Be sure to alternate between weights, reps and drop sets, swapping tactics every 3 weeks.

In the same vein, mix up your grip, angles and motions. Working on one sole exercise will train your biceps to excel at that one motion, but you will soon stop seeing progress.

“Using various angles in your training—an approach similar to how you train chest with flat, incline, and decline benches—can help increase overall arm development.”

Reference: – 9 Things You Should Never Do On Biceps Day

Bigger Arms at Home Workout Routine

Final Words – Start Building Stronger Arms NOW

If you’re done with your spaghetti arms, it’s time to toss these basic mistakes out the window.

Train smart, eat right, and you will soon see biceps that are big, bold, and beautiful!

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