6 Reasons Why Jump Rope is The Best Cardio EVER!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find an easier way to stay in shape? You’re in a never-ending battle with yourself to meet your fitness goals. But more often than not, something gets in the way.

I’ve been there.

Setting goals and self-imposed promises, only to get home from work; too drained to go out again. I’ll go for a run in the morning. I’ll stay extra long at the gym tomorrow.

Does all of this sound familiar?

But what if you didn’t have to spend much time or money to stay in shape? Or even leave the comfort of your own home?

News flash: There is a way!

It’s called skipping.

Yeah, really! The jump rope is the best cardio ever! At least among the top 3. So let’s dive in and discover why skipping is the chef’s secret sauce.

Why You Should Own a Jump Rope

I’ve already shown you a truckload of different cardio exercises in my Beginners guide to cardio workouts and exercises.

So why should you choose to skip instead of the rest?

WebMD summarizes it pretty well:

“What piece of exercise equipment sells for under $20, fits into a briefcase, can be used by the whole family, and improves cardiovascular fitness while toning muscle at the same time? And using it for just 15-20 minutes will burn off the calories from a candy bar? The answer: a jump rope.”

Reference: webmed.com – Skipping Rope Doesn’t Skip Workout


Skipping Rope Gives You a Total Body Workout

When you skip, you get an all-body workout. Your abs are stabilizing your body, your arms and shoulders are turning the skipping rope, and your legs are used for jumping.

All of these muscle groups are toned during skipping, and as you build muscle mass, you increase your metabolism.

Sounds good right?

Intensity: Jumping Rope Burns Those Calories As H***

Skipping is about quality, not quantity. In just 10 minutes of skipping, you are getting the same health benefits as a 45-minute run!

You are going to burn upwards of 700 calories an hour. That’s almost half the average male’s daily calorie intake!

If weight loss is your main motivation to exercise, then look no further.

Skipping Is Excellent For Cardiovascular Fitness

Skipping works your cardiovascular system, calling for blood to be pumped more quickly around the body by the heart.

“Skipping may be used as a cardiovascular workout, similar to jogging or bicycle riding. This aerobic exercise can achieve a “burn rate” of up to 700 to over 1000 calories per hour of vigorous activity, with about 0.1 to nearly 1.1 calories consumed per jump!”

Reference: wikipedia.com – Skipping rope

As you improve your cardio, you are boosting your metabolism, improving your heart health, and increasing your ability to recover.

Improved Coordination And Balance With Skipping Rope

What do boxers, martial artists, tennis players, and Olympic athletes have in common?

You guessed it, most of them skip!

Skipping improves your balance, hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes, and endurance.

Pretty cool, huh?

Jumping Rope: Convenience And Cost Effective

There’s no gym fee to skip or a bunch of expensive gear to buy.

You can find a decent rope for around $20, and it will last a lot longer than a pair of running shoes.

Even better, you don’t have to leave your home to work out.

Skip when the sun’s shining or when it’s raining cats and dogs. Skip in your kitchen while thinking about what to make for dinner.

Build Healthy Bones

Often intense activities are hard on your body. This is not the case for skipping, which has a far lower impact on your joints than running and jogging.

The stress from skipping is actually a healthy weight-bearing exercise for your body. This strengthens your bones and reduces your risk of developing osteoporosis.

Final Words: Jump Rope is The Best Cardio EVER!


There are a lot of different ways to do your cardio.

If you’re looking for an ultra-effective workout, you don’t need to look any further.

Taking just 15 minutes out of your day to skip will deliver results you wouldn’t believe!

You’re going to:

  • Improve your cardio
  • Tone up
  • Burn fat
  • Take care of your bones

And you know what?

You will achieve all of this without a dent in your wallet or having to commit a lot of time!

No wonder I think jump rope is the best cardio ever, or what?

Ok. Now you know what to do, so make it happen:

Get yourself a rope.

Start with a manageable skip time, then build it up daily. As you start noticing results, you can swap up techniques to push your body.

What are you waiting for?

Start Skipping!

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