Cardiovascular Exercise and Workouts: The Ultimate Cardio Resource

Having a strong heart and high cardiovascular capacity is one of the pillars when it comes to fitness.

Yeah, sure. Focusing on building big, massive muscle will make your volume increase. But I suppose you would like to be healthy, not only muscular?

In that case, cardio should be a part of your exercise routine as well as strength training. And to be honest, doing cardio exercise will actually your muscle-building effort go even faster!

The fact is; regular cardio like running, HIIT, jump rope, Guerilla cardio, and Tabata will all positively affect the effort of your strength training.

And in addition, doing cardio will have loads of other positive effects on your body, like:

  • Better mental health
  • Weight control
  • A healthy heart
  • And of course – an extended life!

Now, before you browse my cardio archive, be sure to read these highly valuable articles:

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