Strength Training

I want to learn more about calisthenics, functional training, and how to build REAL strength at home.

Cardio Training

I want to learn more about HIIT and other ACTIONABLE, super-effective ways to train cardio at home.

ERIK LARSEN Owner Of Hometraininghero.Com

Strength training, cardio workouts, home exercise equipment reviews, health tips -I’ve got you covered! The hometraininghero is all about helping. My aim is to help you to reach your fitness goals by using super-effective calisthenic exercises, and affordable home exercise equipment. I will do my utmost to provide you with science based hacks, tips and workout routines available that actually works!

I never thought I could get this fit just by using my own bodyweight as resistance. WOW! The stuff the hometraininghero teaches really works!

Lisa Henderson

Thanks to the tips provided by Erik over at hometraininghero, I have lost 35 pounds without leaving my flat! Thanks man, I really appriciate it!

Peter Larsson

Thank you Erik! After stumbling onto your blog and reading about calisthenics my life have changed. I have seen the light, and functional training is my guiding star.


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