Best Plank Board for Home Core Exercise: 2023 Reviews and Top Picks

Planking is one of the most popular core exercises – loved by professional athletes and personal trainers all around the globe.

Even though doing planks does not require any exercise equipment, adding a planking board could take your planking to the next level.

After testing several different models for about five weeks, I rated them all and came up with a list of three top models.

Here are my reviews of the best plank board for core exercises; enjoy!

Buyers Guide to Purchasing a Plank Board

When purchasing a plank board, there is a range of features and considerations that require thought before making the final decision:

Quality of Construction

Although a plank board is a relatively small investment, you want the equipment to be made from durable materials, making it last for years!

When testing different models, some felt less sturdy and others – something that will affect your exercise and how long the equipment will last before being ready for recycling.

Size and Weight Capacity

The size of a plank board is an important factor to consider when choosing one that best meets your needs. Plank boards come in various sizes, ranging from lightweight models good for easy portability between locations – to heavier ones that provide optimal stability. Consider what is most important to you; portability or comfort and stability?

Comfort Features

The comfort features of a plank board can be crucial for ensuring comfortable and enjoyable planks. Features such as wrist supports and padded surfaces ensure that your body is optimally supported while you exercise. Also, cushioning materials like foam or rubber will increase the overall stability of your plank position and reduce strain on joints during longer workouts.

Price Point

What is your budget? The most expensive model is not necessarily the best. So instead of spending all of your budgets on the most costly plank board, why not buy an affordable, high-quality model – and spend the rest of your budget on a set of resistance bands?

Accessories Available

The different manufacturers bundle different accessories into their models. Some come with cool apps – including games you can play when planking, while others come with knee pads for a more comfortable workout. So which accessories do you fancy?

Brand Reputation

Buying a product from a brand supported by a healthy reputation adds a layer of safety to your purchase. In addition, dealing with serious manufacturers often makes warranty claims less of a hassle, and the product’s overall quality will often be above the less-known brand’s products.


Portability is a great feature to look for in a plank board. Whether on the move or staying put, this quality enables you to take your workout wherever life leads you. Even if time and space are scarce, having the freedom to set up your plank board anywhere can help motivate and challenge yourself with an effective full-body workout whenever needed.


Buying a plank board should be worry-free, which is why you should look for a product offering a warranty. Not only does this give you complete confidence in your purchase, but it also gives you access to free repairs and replacements if something unexpected happens. In the end, you’re able to focus less on worrying about what can go wrong and more on enjoying the benefits that come with owning a plank board.

2023’s Reviews of The Best Plank Board

Yes4All Wooden Plank Board / Balance Board



After unboxing and using the Yes4All plank board for a couple of weeks, I must say I’m really impressed. It’s made from sturdy, high-quality material designed to last. It’s easy to set up and store away quickly, making it ideal for home use. In addition, the non-slip surface ensures stability when performing planks, and the textured surface helps you grip it better so you can get the most out of your workouts.

Play Games While Planking

Download cool balance games from the app store and add an extra layer of fun to the planking!

Durable Construction

This sturdy plank board is made from top-quality materials built to last. Its solid wood construction ensures its durability and resistance against wear and tear over time. Plus, its non-slip surface prevents you from slipping during intense workout sessions.

Lightweight Design

Weighing only 8 lbs., the Yes4All plank board is extremely lightweight and portable. It’s easy to carry around, so you can take it anywhere you go – to the gym, studio, or even outside for outdoor workouts!

Maximum Comfort

The ergonomic design of this plank board offers maximum comfort for both beginners and advanced users alike. Its soft foam padding ensures extra cushioning for improved safety during exercise sessions as well as enhanced user experience overall.

Multi-purpose Use

The Yes4All plank board is a great tool for full-body workouts, designed to facilitate balance and stability. You can use it in various ways during cardio, stretching, and strength training exercises. So whether you’re looking to increase your core strength or improve your overall posture, the plank board can help you achieve those goals quickly and effectively.


  • The Yes4All wooden plank board is lightweight and portable, so you can take it anywhere easily.

  • It is made of high-quality wood, which makes it durable and long-lasting.

  • It features a non-slip surface that provides extra stability and safety during plank exercises.

  • Its design allows you to perform different types of planks on the board, such as side planks, standard planks, etc.

  • The board is affordable and fits most budgets.


  • Due to its size and shape, the Yes4All wooden plank board may not fit all body sizes.

  • It does not come with instructions, guides, or videos on properly using the plank board for exercise purposes.

  • It does not have any built-in cushioning, which could make planking uncomfortable for longer periods.


STEALTH Core Trainer Plank Board



After playing around with the STEALTH Core Trainer plank board, I’m really pleased with the results. The board is well-made and sturdy and fits conveniently in any home gym. I like that it comes with interactive game technology, as it helps keep me motivated and engaged during my workouts. In addition, you can use it for various exercises, from planks to mountain climbers – all without the board feeling “bendy” or weak.

The only thing I did not like was the price point – but if you want the best, it more than often will cost you.

Total Core Workout

With the STEALTH Core Trainer Plank Board, you get a total core workout from every angle. Its unique design lets you engage your upper body and lower body for an intense workout that strengthens and tones your entire core.

Comprehensive Workout Guide

Along with the plank board itself, you receive a comprehensive workout guide that includes step-by-step instructions for different exercises as well as tips on proper form and technique. This guide will help ensure that each exercise is performed correctly, helping you get the most out of your workouts.

Portable and Durable

The STEALTH Core Trainer Plank Board is lightweight yet durable, so it’s easy to take with you anywhere – from the gym to the beach! Plus, its sleek design makes storage a breeze when not in use. Even after intense workouts, this plank board won’t chip or break, thanks to its high-quality construction materials.

Comfort Arm Pads

The STEALTH Core Trainer Plank Board comes with two soft cushioned arm pads, making your plank workout more comfortable than ever. These arm pads are strategically placed to provide maximum comfort during a plank, decreasing the chance of strain on your wrists or elbows that can come from harder surfaces.

Plus, the ergonomic design provides additional support to prevent slipping or sliding while you hold the perfect plank position.

360 Degrees of Movement

Experience 360 degrees of motion, strength, and power when you use the Stealth Core Trainer Plank Board. This board features a unique 360-degree micro movement sphere that encourages your core muscles to activate more evenly during training. Planking with this device helps improve stability and strength in arms, legs, abs, and back – while creating balanced muscle tone throughout!

Game On!

The STEALTH Core Trainer Plank Board offers, through its free app, a revolutionary gaming experience that provides access to a library of challenging and rewarding exercises. The integrated system responds to your actions with real-time feedback, allowing you to compete against yourself or go head-to-head with friends for a top-ranking spot on the leaderboard. With motivating game elements included in the library of workout programs, staying active has never been more fun!


  • The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and store.

  • Durable construction provides strength and stability during use.

  • Can be used on any surface, indoors or outdoors.

  • A non-slip surface ensures safety while exercising.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for quick setup.


  • Not quite as stable as a wooden board when performing exercises such as push-ups or burpees due to its flexible nature.

  • The price of the board may be too high for some budgets.

  • It does not have any built-in cushioning, which could make planking uncomfortable for longer periods.


STEALTHGO Portable Plank Board



This STEALTHGO Portable Plank Board was the last product I tested, but also the one I liked the best. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to take with you on the go – whether you want to take it with you to the office or out traveling. Also, the board is very sturdy and well-built – making it a good choice for people of all fitness levels.

The textured surface provides good traction during your workouts, so you can really feel secure while using it. I’m really pleased with how well it works, and being a bit more affordable than the regular Stealth Core Trainer, it gets the top spot in this review.


The STEALTHGO Portable Plank Board makes exercising on the go easy and convenient. This lightweight, foldable board is ideal for taking you to the gym, beach, park, or anywhere else you can think of.


Built with heavy-duty materials, this plank board is designed to withstand all types of exercises without compromising its integrity. With its high-quality construction, you can be sure that this plank board will remain in great condition for years to come.


Featuring an ergonomic design and wide base support, this plank board ensures maximum comfort while doing your workouts. With its padded, non-slip surface, you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable slips or slides.

Safety Certified

Rest assured, knowing that the STEALTHGO Portable Plank Board has been tested by professionals and certified safe for use. Its secure locking mechanisms provide stability during intense exercises so you can focus on getting the best out of your workout session without any worries!

Have Fun With the Stealth Fitness App

As with the Stealth Core Trainer, the STELTHGO also is compatible with the Stealth Fitness App. So why not get motivated and have fun while doing those painful planks!

Compact Design

Thanks to its foldable design, this plank board takes up minimal space when not in use. As a result, you can easily store it away when not needed and quickly deploy it whenever necessary without taking up too much room in your workspace or garage.


  • The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and store.

  • Durable construction provides strength and stability during use.

  • Can be used on any surface, indoors or outdoors.

  • A non-slip surface ensures safety while exercising.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for quick setup.

  • Excellent Fitness App!


  • Not quite as stable as a wooden board when performing exercises such as push-ups or burpees due to its flexible nature.

  • The price of the board may be too high for some budgets.


Plank Board Alternatives

To challenge your body and keep your workouts fresh and interesting, you may want to consider incorporating different exercise equipment into your routine. Here are some other ab-blasting alternatives also worth looking into:

AbMat: A Plank Board Alternative

The AbMat is a great plank board alternative for core workouts. It’s made of dense foam and provides superior lumbar support compared to a flat surface. Its small size also makes it portable, so you can take your workout with you wherever you go. With the AbMat, you can get a solid core workout without putting strain on your back or joints.

Stability Ball: For Strong Abs

A stability ball is a great tool for strengthening your core. It is an effective and affordable piece of equipment that can be used to target your abdominal muscles for toning and definition. The ball’s instability forces the body to use its stabilizing muscles, which helps improve balance, posture, and coordination while also strengthening your abs.

TRX Straps for an Innovative Twist on Planking

TRX Straps offer an innovative twist on the classic plank exercise. This simple piece of equipment is designed to allow you to perform basic planks as well as more dynamic and challenging exercises. With the straps’ adjustable length, you can customize your workout to focus on any part of your core or upper body, such as your arms, shoulders, back, and chest. The straps are also lightweight and portable, making them great for home workouts or taking with you on the go.

Foam Roller: An Unconventional Way to Replace the Plank

Foam rolling is an unconventional way to replace the plank in your workout routine. It provides many of the same benefits, including improved posture, core strength, and stabilization. Unlike planks, foam rolling can be used dynamically to target specific muscles, helping to improve flexibility and reduce muscle tension. It can also be used as a warm-up for other exercises or as a cool-down at the end of your session.

Bestseller No. 1

Ab Roller: Taking Planking to The Next Level

The ab roller is the perfect tool to take your planking to the next level. It’s designed with a comfortable padded handle that allows you to move in smooth, controlled movements, which helps to target and strengthen core muscles. The ab roller also helps increase balance, flexibility, and coordination, making it a superior tool for both beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts alike. With regular use, it can help tone your abs as well as your upper body for an overall healthier body composition.

BOSU Balls: A Fun Way to do Planks

BOSU Balls are a fun way to add a new challenge to your plank workouts. They are an unstable surface that requires your core muscles to work harder and stabilize your body. Planking on a BOSU Ball increases the intensity of the exercise and helps build strength in the arms, shoulders, legs, and core for improved balance and posture.

Bestseller No. 1

Why Own a Plank Board

A plank board is an excellent addition to any home gym as it offers a variety of exercises to help build strength, endurance, and stability. Not only does it help with core and abdominal muscles – but also your arms, shoulders, back, and legs.

The plank board is designed for maximum comfort and safety, with non-slip pads to prevent injuries and provide extra support. It is easy to set up, lightweight yet durable.

The plank board’s versatility and affordability help you reach your fitness goals without spending too much money on expensive equipment. It is a great way to stay active even when you don’t have access to a gym or exercise facility. It also saves time since you can get a quick workout anytime at home or on vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the Benefits of Using a Plank Board?

Plank Board is an effective tool for core and shoulder stabilization, as well as helping to build strength in the abdominal muscles. It can also be used to improve posture and balance while reducing stress on the lower back. Additionally, it can help with coordination and flexibility, making it a great exercise for any fitness level.

Are Plank Boards Worth it?

Planks are an effective way to engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, making them an efficient exercise. Ultimately, owning a plank board is definitely worth it if you’re looking for a full-body workout that is easy to do at home.

Is it OK to do Planks Every Day?

Planks are a great way to strengthen your core and improve posture. However, it’s important to take a rest day in between planks to give your muscles time to recover. Doing planks every other day is generally considered safe and beneficial. It’s also essential to make sure you are doing the plank correctly with proper form.

Do Planks Burn Belly Fat?

Planks are an effective exercise for toning the abdominal muscles, but they do not directly target belly fat. To reduce belly fat, you need to combine a healthy diet with regular aerobic exercise and strength training. Planks can be used as part of your overall workout routine to help strengthen your core and tone your abs.

How Long do you Need to Plank to See Results?

To see results from planking, you should aim to plank for at least 30 seconds at a time. As your strength and endurance increase, you can gradually increase the duration of your planks up to 5 minutes or more. To maximize the effectiveness of your planking routine, incorporate other core exercises into your workout as well.

What Kind of Balance Board is Best?

The best balance board for you depends on your individual needs. A wobble or rocker board is ideal if you are looking for a board to help improve your balance and coordination. For more advanced exercises, a balance disc or roller board is best. Whichever type of board you choose, make sure it has enough stability and cushioning to keep you safe while exercising.

What is the Difference Between a Balance Board and a Wobble Board?

A balance board is a platform with a pivoting center that is used to improve balance and posture. A wobble board is similar, but instead of a pivoting center, it has a curved or angled surface, creating instability when standing on it. Both are often used in physical therapy to help strengthen the muscles and joints of the lower body.

Final Words

Finding the right plank board for your home core exercise routine can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With a clear understanding of what features are important to you and by considering the reviews and top picks listed in this article, you can find the perfect plank board for your needs.

Whether you choose the Yes4All Wooden Plank Board / Balance Board, the STEALTH Core Trainer Plank Board, or my favorite, the STEALTHGO Portable Plank Board, they all provide an effective way to strengthen your core and improve your overall fitness level.

If you want to learn more about core training, visit my home strength-building resource – LOADED with workouts and actionable fitness hacks.

See you there!

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