Allstar Innovations Squat Magic Machine Reviews: 2023 Edition

Finally, here’s the hometraininghero’s Allstar Innovations Squat Magic Machine Reviews. Many of you guys have asked me to take a closer look at this strange device –  and finally, I did.

So, was it worth it?

Do I think you should run to the local gym-device-store to get one?

Allstar Innovations Squat Magic Home Gym Workout | Sculpt Abs, Butt, Core, Legs, Thighs & More! | As Seen on TV
  • Country Of Origin : China
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 22.4 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 12 Inches

It depends on a lot of things…

Read on and discover if the Allstar Innovations Squat Magic machine is something YOU should consider using.

Allstar Innovations Squat Magic Machine Reviews: Is it Worth it?


I’ve already given you the best glute machines for home – now it’s time to look at one of the top contenders. Here’s the 2023 squat magic review:

The Allstar Innovations Squat Magic is a workout tool that works the abs, butt, core, and more. The Squat Magic’s goal in life is to assist people in squatting the right way – and helping them work out all of their lower muscles.

This is a one-of-a-kind product that has an abundance of exciting features. It is well-thought-out with its adjustable height and great stability. Fitness gurus of all levels can use the Squat Magic to correct their squats and fit in a quick yet effective workout.


The device comes with several different levels of resistance available to accommodate every type of workout routine. Hey, and it’s easy to use, too. Because of its adjustable height and tilt, it’s super-easy – either you are tall or short, to firmly place your feet on the ground while doing a squat. If you are in the market for home exercise equipment, focusing on your lower body, Squat Magic will give a real bang for your bucks!

Throw in a couple of resistance bands, and you can even do bicep curls while you’re at it as well.

The Squat Magic comes with 15 suggested exercises – and a 30-day workout plan (and DVD) to use with the product. Using the Squat Magic for workouts will never have you bored!

Notable Features

The Squat Magic has plenty of notable features, but there are three, in particular, that stand out.

Weighted Base

The Squat Magic has a weighted base, so it won’t move while in use. The weighted base ensures that the device stays in one specific spot, which helps with the technique of the squat.

Also, the weighted base makes the product act almost like a chair. The Squat Magic supports your weight so you can focus 100 percent on your legs and squatting. During regular squats without the Squat Magic, a lot of supporting muscles will have to take their share of the work. The Squat Magic helps you focus on one thing, and one thing only:


Adjustable Height

People of all heights can use the Squat Magic. Either you are tall or small – the Squat Magic fits you all!

Due to the adjustable height, everyone in your household can use it: mom, dad, big brother, and little sister. They can all be squatting using the Squat Magic.

The adjustable height can also be used to increase or decrease the exercise difficulty. People who have never squatted before can increase the height and squat a shorter distance. People who squat often can reduce the height and squat the entirety of the machine’s height.

Squat Assistive Technology

The trademarked Squat Assistive Technology guides – and holds your hand on your way down and up throughout the whole squat movement. The result: A flawlessly performed textbook squat every time!

Though many add squats to their fitness routine, they are way off with their technique. This will decrease their gains – and in the worst case – have them injured. The Squat Assistive Technology eliminates these problems.

This feature makes it perfect for beginner squatters to use the Squat Magic. They will learn how to squat with the device – and eventually, they will be able to do perfect squatting on their own.

This innovative technology teaches people exactly how a squat should feel! 

Features Summary

  • There are three resistance levels
  • The Squat Magic is tilted at a 5-degree angle
  • Height, 22.4 inches
  • The length of the device is 12 inches
  • With, 11.8 inches
  • It works for five muscle groups

Pros and Cons

As you can see from this Squat Magic review, the equipment comes with several pros – as well as some cons. It’s important to compare them both.


  • Easy to use
  • Great for beginners
  • Compact
  • Plenty of workouts
  • Works for multiple muscle groups


  • Needs to be assembled
  • Not the most comfy seat
  • No cardio opertunity
  • Could have even more resistance levels


Who Should be Using The Squat Magic?

So who should use the Squat Magic?


This product is best suited for beginners who are just getting started on their squat adventure. It helps assist them with squatting and get a feel for how to do them the correct way.

Only beginners?

Some advanced fitness enthusiasts appreciate this product too, but others say the highest resistance level is not enough for them. If you frequently squat and already got the technique right, I recommend you look at another squat exercise machine.

The Alternatives

There are several different devices engineered to assist you in your squatting. As you’ve just read in this Squat Magic review, machines like the Squat Magic are compact and take up little space – there is also other equipment suited to home gyms:

  • Ab squat machines like the DB Method
  • Squat assist machines like the sunny health squat assist
  • Or why not a Hammer V-squat machine? I personally LOVE this one!

Either which you choose – rest assured they will all take your squatting to the next level!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the squat magic review competitors:

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Squat Magic Any Good?

If you are looking for a beginner squat machine at home, Squat Magic is one of the best investments out there. On the other hand – if you are used to squatting and are looking for a product to do heavy lifting- look somewhere else.

How Many Squats Should I do to See Results Fast?

If you want to see results fast, counting how many squats you do is not necessarily the best way to go. Watch your diet – and add sufficient resistance. As with most strength training, try to do something between 6-12 repetitions each set. Add resistance if you manage to do more than 12.

Will Doing 100 Squats a Day do Anything?

Sure! Doing 100 squats a day will make you stronger. Why don’t you create yourself a squat challenge? The first week, do 100 squats a day. The next week do 110 a day. Keep adding 10 each week until you reach 1000!

How do you Set up Squat Magic?

To set up Squat Magic, follow these steps:
1. Unpack the Squat Magic from the box and make sure all parts are included.
2. Connect the two main parts of the Squat Magic together, making sure they are securely in place.
3. Attach the resistance bands to the hooks located at the top of the Squat Magic.
4. Adjust the resistance bands to your desired level of resistance.
5. Place the Squat Magic on a flat surface and step onto the foot pedals.
6. Hold onto the handlebars for stability and start performing squats.

What is the Weight Limit for the Squat Magic?

The weight limit for the Squat Magic is 220 pounds (100 kg).

Where Can I Get Squat Magic Replacement Bands?

You can purchase Squat Magic replacement bands from various online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and the official Squat Magic website. It’s important to ensure that you purchase replacement bands that are compatible with your Squat Magic model.

Final Words: Assisted Squats For Better Technique

If you are looking for an easy, affordable – yet effective device to help you with your squatting, the Squat Magic squat machine might be a perfect match. While best-suited beginners, it will also be of good help to mediocre fitness enthusiasts looking to work on their technique.

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