What are The Benefits of Leg Workouts? 7 Killer Reasons to Train Your Legs!

Have you ever noticed that most dudes are mainly focused on training their beach muscles when in the gym?

Just take a look around the next time you go:

  • There is the guy doing curls for his biceps.
  • The pack cheering for his mate full on bench action.
  • Some are hitting their backs like crazy.
  • And then there is you. Cursing in silence because the bench is taken.


However, there is this place in the gym, probably unknown to you.

It is the squat rack. You wonder why people spend time there. The exercises done in this area look grueling, and most seem to hate them. So why would you use your precious time there?

Besides, you already spent 20 minutes on the treadmill. That should do for the legs, right?

The truth is that the squat rack and the leg area are probably the places in the gym where you should spend most of your time.


Not only because it will prevent you from looking like a meatball on sticks, but also because it will make you strong and fit along with other benefits.

Read on, and I’ll explain the benefits of leg workout – and exactly why you should NOT neglect your legs!

Why Train The Legs? The Benefits of Leg Workouts

The following paragraphs will make you change your mind about the way you approach your training.

Together we will find out why keeping those legs active is so damn important.

Are you ready?

Increase Your Muscle Growth

From a scientific point of view, it has been proven that making your legs work with heavy loads enhances the production of growth hormones and testosterone in the body.

These two hormones help you pack on muscle in every part. If you want bigger arms and chest, work your legs bro!

Besides, it is crucial to consider that your legs cover at least 50% of your overall body mass.

It is simple math, really:

Bigger leg muscles will, in turn, give you bigger muscles in all areas.

Follow these science-based principles for improved muscular strength for guaranteed results!

Symmetry is Beautiful

We have all seen it:

That bloke with the massive arms and gorilla back – but with tiny thin legs which seem to belong to a different body.

You don’t want to look like that and not just for the looks!

Having a symmetrically trained body will actually help you prevent future injuries.

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How so?

Our bodies are developed to work as a unit, meaning that there has to be a balance in our muscles for them to function properly. What is more, your lower body carries you everywhere. So what do you think will happen if it is undertrained? … Exactly!

Fat Burning and Improved Metabolism

Studies have revealed that using our muscles burns that annoying fat.

With that in mind, training those precious legs is, by far, the best way to get rid of that tummy of yours!

The biggest muscles are there for you:

  • Quads.
  • Glutes.
  • Hams.
  • Calves.

They are all your best allies to work towards the slim physique you always wanted.

And to top it off:

Training your legs forces your body to use a massive amount of energy. To keep up with this, your metabolism increases by transforming your body reserves into energy in a faster and more effective way.

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This effect lasts hours after you have finished your training.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Get Better at Sports

If you want to improve your conditioning for sports, you have got to train your legs!

Think about it; most sports make you use your lower body constantly:

  • Basketball and volleyball make you jump,
  • soccer and baseball have you sprinting in all directions,
  • and track and field… Well, you do it all!

Stronger, fitter legs only mean better performance in practically all activities.

Get Fewer Injuries

Putting your legs to work will help you reduce your risk of injury.


It is all about stability and flexibility:

Every time you do a squat, the muscles in your legs have to stretch while carrying a load. This increases not only their strength but also their flexibility.

Who says that lifting makes you bulky and stiff?

Your knees and hips will also become more stable as the tissue around them improves its quality.

Stronger hips and knees will provide you with more overall stability in sports and daily life activities.

The Effects of Sitting at Work Will Wear Out

Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of that lower back and leg tightness you feel after work?

Well… another one of the perks of working your legs is that it helps you reduce some of the annoying consequences of sitting at your desk all day long!

The most common issues from sitting at work all day are due to weak hamstrings and tight hip flexors.

Working on the posterior chain of your legs and lower back will help you with both!

Stop stretching your hamstrings; it will not do much. Instead, focus on training them along with your glutes and abdominal muscles.

If you have not already tried it, I highly recommend you start doing sissy squats on a regular basis. This is an amazing exercise that most people sadly know too little about.

You will notice the difference!

Better Mental Strength

Let’s be honest here:

The main reason to skip leg day is simple. Training your legs is painful!

Your whole being will inevitably feel the consequences. You feel physically drained after the workout, and your body will remind you of it even days after training.

Who wants to go through that every week, right?

The reality is that working out not only trains your body it also shapes your mindset. Especially legs training.

Your fitness goals are not easy; otherwise, you would have already achieved them.

See it this way:

All that effort and pain take you one step closer to where you want to be, even if you have to walk funny for some days!

The 3 Single Best Leg Exercises

Now that you know why your legs have to work and understand the benefits of giving them a nice pump, let me introduce you to your new best friends:

  • Deadlifts,
  • Squats and
  • Lunges.

They will help you build that strong, powerful lower body that you need!

If you need even more exercises, look at my fantastic collection of home workouts and exercises – LOADED with exercises that work.


The king of lifts is, without a doubt, a must-have in your leg routine.

It focuses on the posterior chain of your body while strengthening all the muscles in your core.

Your upper body will also feel the effects as it helps with carrying the weight.


The exercise that will give your legs incredible raw power.

It might seem that it focuses on developing your quads, but when properly performed it gives your glutes and hams a really nice challenge.

Again your core will be fully activated as it stops the weight from crushing you.


Another one of the leg exercises that will put your legs through a test.

Your quads, hams, and glutes will have to push to keep you moving, all that while the stabilizer muscles of your core fight against gravity to keep you in balance.

If you want to add some extra focus to your glutes, go check out my beginners guide to building a bigger booty loaded with butt-building tips and hacks!

Final Words: Reap The Benefits of Strong Legs

Now make it happen!

Include the mentioned exercises as you devise your leg routine.

Keep it simple at first, work on proper form and range of motion, and add weights progressively as you start getting stronger.

Enjoy the process.

It will not be easy at first, but if you are consistent, sooner than later, all the benefits I talked about will come to you!


Want to learn more about building strength? Then visit my MASSIVE guide on home strength training, fully packed with helpful and actionable stuff!

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