Sissy Squats Benefits: 6 Reasons to why YOU Should be Sissy Squatting!

Have you ever wondered how those Instagram bloggers and health enthusiasts always have the perfect quads?

Well: They have got a secret trick down their sleeve called sissy squats.

And today I am going to tell you all about it!

Traditional squats are great, but they’re not the best for your anterior thigh muscles (your quads). Doing big chunks of regular squats usually leaves your butt and posterior thigh muscles quite larger than your anterior thigh muscles.

Read on and discover six amazing sissy squat benefits and the reason why YOU should incorporate them into your exercise routine.

Let’s go:

What is Sissy Squats?

At first, when I heard someone say sissy squats, I thought they meant squats made easy so even a sissy could do them.

I know, pretty dumb huh?

However, to my surprise (and probably yours too if you’ve never heard this term before), “sissy squats” is actually the name of a legit exercise.

Here’s how you do them:

Do you think it looks hard keeping your balance?

Well, it is.

To help you out, either hold on to a table or doorknob -or even better: Use one of these best sissy squat machines carefully engineered to help you to do perfect sissy squats!

Now, let’s get on to the benefits:

What are the benefits of sissy squats?

If you’re asking yourself why and how this strange exercise is important, then listen up.

Here are a few science-based benefits of doing sissy squats:

Sissy Squats are SAFE

Sissy squats are much safer than the alternative exercise for building your quadriceps muscles; leg extensions.


Leg extensions put undue pressure on your knee joint and are frowned upon by doctors from all over the world!

On the other hand, sissy squats don’t put excessive pressure on your joints, and they don’t do any harm to them if they’re done correctly.

Of course: There are risks involved with all exercises if they’re not done like they are supposed to. But when it comes to sissy squats, they’re actually the safest exercise for working out your quadriceps muscles!

Want to read some history behind the sissy squat? Check out the article Real Men Do Sissy Squats over at T-nation. But be sure to come back reading the rest of the benefits as soon as you have finished!

Let’s move on:

Laser Target the Quads

Do you want to work solely on your quads without involving your glutes and hamstrings?

No problem!

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?Sissy Squats? The sissy squat is a very challenging exercise requiring great amounts of mobility and body control, it’s also one of the most effective quad dominant exercises you can do with just your bodyweight! —————————————————— Make sure you properly progress into this movement making sure your joints have the prerequisite mobility to be in these positions before attempting it????? (No, this exercise is not bad for your knees just as long as if you have healthy, strong knees to start with) – Don’t be a sissy, it’s ok for your knees to go past your toes ??‍♂️thanks to @hunterfitness for making these cool again ? @functionalrangeconditioning @drandreospina

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The fact is:

Doing sissy squats is the golden ticket to working out your quadriceps with zero involvement of your gluteal and hamstring muscles.

This is especially useful if you have a massive bulge at the back of your thighs, but the front of your legs is relatively flaccid and less muscular.

Sound familiar?

“Unlike traditional barbell squats, Sissy Squats isolate the quad by eliminating recruitment of the glutes. So if you find your quads lagging behind your hamstrings and buttocks, Sissy squats may be the right exercise to balance out your anterior and posterior chain muscles.”


Strengthen Your Core

Doing sissy squats strengthens your core as well as those front thighs.

You heard me right:

You can work out your quadriceps and abs together, in a super effective manner.

While making your legs beg for mercy, your core will continuously be working to keep your body shape and form intact.

You will feel the beautiful burn from sore muscle throughout your whole core area as well as your quads.

That’s a double pleasure for you!

Everybody Can Benefit from Sissy Squats!

Sissy Squats are Suited Both Beginners and “Pros”

I know.

Looking at the sissy squat position is pretty intimidating.

If you’re a beginner, and one of those people who will worry more about tripping backward than on the exercise itself, I’ve got some help for you!

Using a sissy squat machine like the G4-MAX Sissy Squat Machine will make the exercise smooth as a breeze!

As well as helping your body hold the correct position while doing the squat, it will provide you with the needed support to stay clear from negative stress on your joints.

Increase Joint Flexibility

It’s an excellent exercise for increasing the range of movement at your ankles.

While some people think sissy squats are bad for the knees and ankles, that’s actually not the case!

Did anybody say they need more flexible ankle joints?

Then start sissy squatting!

Strengthen Your Hips and Posture

Sissy squats are an excellent exercise to help strengthen and stabilize your hips!

During the squats, you will be using your hip flexors to help to maintain balance throughout the movement.

When doing sissy squats regularly, you will eventually develop better strength at the hips, which help your body in building a strong, healthy posture!

Final Words: Sissy Squats are NOT for Sissies

So, what are you waiting for?

Try some sissy squats today and feel your quads burn!

Trust me: Sissy squats are NOT for sissies, so don’t back off thinking you’re too cool for this unbelievably effective quad-building exercise!

Want to read more about exercise science? Be sure to check out my strength training archive – LOADED with helpful fitness stuff!

Wait up!

One more thing:

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