Best Kettlebell for the Money: 2022 Reviews and Top Picks

What is the best kettlebell for the money? I’m glad you asked!

Although all kettlebells somewhat look the same – they definitely are not. Grip size, materials, shape, and balance are just some of the differences that impact the final product.

Taking this into consideration, I spent just about 13 hours reading dozens of product descriptions and user reviews. So you don’t need to. Here is a quick glimpse at my top three models:

  • Amazon Basics Iron Kettlebells (THE EDITORS CHOICE): With a wide and ergonomic grip, and smooth vinyl coating, the Amazon Kettlebells are comfortable and easy to use – for both beginners and seasoned trainers. The friendly price tag and high-quality build make these kettlebells my undisputed editors’ choice. 
  • Toughest Gains Hercules cast iron Kettlebells (THE PREMIUM CHOICE): If you want the best – and are willing to pay for it – Toughest Gains got you covered! Engineered with the professional athlete in mind, these kettlebells are the ultimate choice if you are dead serious about your workouts!
  • Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebells (THE AFFORDABLE CHOICE): If you want to add some kettlebells to your home gym set-up, but you are short on cash – Yes4All have goy just the product for you. Made from cast iron and covered vinyl, they perform just as well as many of the twice as expensive models. Although not the same balance and feel as the two other models, these are an excellent buy also.

2022 Top Kettlebell Comparison Table




  • Build from solid cast iron for extreme durability.

  • Wide grip for excellent comfort - with both one and two hands.

  • Enamel coated for a smooth look and feel.

  • Unique ergonomic handle for enhanced comfort

  • Perfectly balanced for maximum workout comfort

  • Amazing warranty!

  • Vinyl coated finish protects both kettlebell and surfaces!

  • Affordably priced.

  • Corrotion free and super-durable design

Buyers Guide to Purchasing a Kettlebell

Shop for Comfort and Durability

When splashing the cash on your new kettlebells, the product’s comfort and feel should be of great importance. After all, you will (hopefully) be utilizing them a lot. Look at the material, and also consider options with a vinyl coating. The vinyl coating will make the kettlebell nicer to the environment, helping preserve the integrity of your workout space.

This is especially true with the heavier weights as they are placed on the ground with more force behind them. You may also consider a weight mat or weight rack for extra protection against damage to your home. A vinyl cover will also add extra security for pets and children who may be playing in the area.

And we all cherish HSE, right?

Considering Body Size When Choosing

The size of your hands can be a variable to consider when making your first kettlebell purchase, and opting for a slightly wider handle may be the better option.