Do Resistance Bands Wear Out? 5 Tips to Help Your Resistance Bands Live Longer

Do resistance bands wear out?

Well, it all depends on how you take care of them:

Store them in direct sunlight – covered in debris and old sweat – yeah, they will wear out.

On the other hand, if you decide to do a couple of simple measures to take care of them – they will for a long time.

Read on and implement these actionable tips to your resistance band maintenance routine, and your bands will last for YEARS!

5 Tips How to Make Your Resistance Band Last for Years

Although these tips are written with latex resistance bands in mind, some will also be applicable for bands made from a fabric material. The quality of the resistance band itself will also impact how long it lasts. Here are my top picks: The Best resistance bands for assisted pull-ups and building muscles.

Keep Your Resistance Bands Clean and Dry

So you set up a “quick and dirty” home gym in your garage over quarantine. Good for you!

The problem is, your garage isn’t nearly as clean as the big commercial gym down the street. That means that dirt, dust, and debris can all accumulate on your exercise equipment. When you store your resistance bands, you should always make sure that they are clean, dry, and dirt-free.

Wipe them off with a damp cloth when they’ve accumulated dirt. Before you stow it away, make sure that it’s had enough time to dry.

While you should keep your bands away from long contact with water, it’s a good idea to lubricate them with the right products. Rubbing on a lubricant spray made for bike tires is a great way to keep your bands stretchy and durable for the long haul.

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Protect Resistance Bands From Heat and Chemicals

Harsh chemical products can hurt the material that gives your band its elasticity and durability. A dab of water on a paper towel will accomplish all the cleaning your need.

If you have an outdoor gym setup, make sure that you never store your bands in direct sunlight. Sunlight can bleach the color of your band and cause it to become dry and brittle.

One of the most common mistakes seen is when people leave their bands in the sun after their workout. In time the latex will deteriorate, lose its elasticity – and eventually start cracking.

Don’t Saw Your Bands

“Sawing” refers to threading your bands through a band anchor and pulling it side-to-side. This motion creates quite a bit of heat, which can damage the rubber material in the band. If you want to do rotational exercises that require this motion, tie a knot in the band around the anchor. This will keep it from slipping and sliding.

Choose Your Anchor Point Wisely

There are lots of great places to anchor your resistance band. There are also lots of terrible places to anchor them…

Tying or looping bands around knobby trees or an otherwise rough surface can cause them to break and snag, especially if you’re applying a lot of tension and resistance. This is a common culprit for snapped bands:

The more you stretch on top of a rough surface, the more damage you will cause your band!

A better anchor point is a pull-up bar or TRX suspension door anchor. If you don’t have access to either of those, try to find a solid, stable anchor point that won’t damage your bands. You can also build a pull-up bar for relatively cheap that can serve as a great anchor point.

Don’t Overstretch Your Bands

Every band has a limit to how much it can be stretched before it loses its elasticity. If you find you are constantly over-stretching your bands to squeeze a few extra pounds of resistance out of them, it’s probably time to invest in a set with more resistance.

In addition to causing the band to lose tension, over-stretching can cause the latex to snap and tear over time. A band that snatches during use can be painful and, in the worst-case – lead to injury.

How Long do Resistance Bands Last?

Resistance bands can last from everything between a couple of days to several years.

The fact is:

Some bands are made from low-grade latex – or poor fabric material. These bands usually sell at a way lower price than bands made from quality material. You should never buy a resistance band only based on its price. Look at the specifications and make sure you buy a band made to last!

You should also strive to maintain and store your bands, as described in this article’s tips. By doing so, you will make sure the bands last longer; either they are made from a five-layer latex compound or a single molded rubber design.

Resistance Band Safety

Before you exchange lifting weights with resistance band exercises, read all safety instructions following the chosen band.

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Inspect for cracks and damages before every workout – NEVER use a band with faults. Usually, a potential breaking point can be located during inspection – avoiding the band to snap in the middle of an exercise, hitting you in the face. Ouch!

How Often Should I do Resistance Band Training?

You should look at resistance band training as any other type of exercise. There are hundreds of ways to use resistance bands – you can use them for just about anything:

  • Strength training? Sure.
  • Cardio? Of course!
  • Recovery? No problem!
  • Physiotherapy? Absolutely!
  • Agility training? Yeah.

So how often you should use them depends on your goals.

Check out my MASSIVE collection of resistance band exercises for inspiration and ideas!

Final Words: Do Resistance Bands Wear Out? It Depends…

A resistance band is an easy-to-use fitness equipment – perfect for home exercise. Either you are using resistance bands for strength training or cardio, the bands will need proper maintenance if you want them to last for several years:

  • Wash the bands free from debris and sweat regularly – and try to keep them out of direct sunlight.
  • Never overstretch your band – if your current band does not provide enough resistance, consider investing in a heavier band.
  • Perform regular inspections of the band. Are there any cracks? How does the exterior look?
  • Never use strong cleaning products for washing!

These are some of the precautions you can do to prolong your resistance band’s life and make them last longer.


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