Best Resistance Band for Pull Ups: 2022 Reviews and Top Picks

This has been a fun couple of days! Finding the best resistance band for pull ups showed to be far more exciting than what I had imagined before starting my digging.


Well, there are LOADS of different bands available. And a lot of them – and I really mean A LOT, is plain garbage. Reading about the terrible user experiences some people have had with some of the models really made me laugh!

The fact is:

For a resistance band to be considered a useful product, it should be made from a rubber blend, making it both durable and elastic. And also, it shouldn’t break!

I’ve read almost 50 product descriptions – and countless user feedback to finally come up with a list of the three best pull up assist bands. Here they are:

Top Assisted Pull-Ups Band: 2022 Comparison Table





WOD Nation

Epitomie Fitness

No products found.
  • Exclusive Safe-Stretch Technology To Prevent Breaking

  • Hassle-Free, No BS Lifetime Warranty

  • Ultra Tough and Durable Construction

  • Made With 100% Natural Rubber

  • Durable Construction

  • Affordably Priced

  • Push-Pull Polymer Technology For Superb Elasticity

  • 2 layers of flexible and durable polymer

  • Comfortable Satisfaction Guarantee

Buyers Guide to Purchasing a Resistance Band for Pull Ups

Type of band

If you are using your resistance band for pull-ups, be sure to get a set that is properly dressed for the task! You’ve got tube resistance bands with handles, booty bands engineered to tone glutes (check out my best fabric resistance bands for glutes reviews!), bands meant for physical therapy, and also the figure eight-band.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Not all of these bands can be used for assisted pull-ups…

The ones you want are the thick rubber bands, also known as a power resistance band – or loop bands.

The Resistance Band Color

The different resistance bands are separated by the resistance they provide. A thicker band means more resistance. The different resistance levels are divided and «coded» by the color of the band.

The typical colors are:

Blue: Heavy resistance. Perfect for people struggling with a single pull up

Green: Medium-heavy resistance. If you can do only a couple of pull-ups – this is your choice.

Purple: Medium resistance. An excellent choice if you do at least 6 pull-ups but want a couple of extra into the sets

Black: Light resistance. If you can do ten pull-ups but want to get those two or three extra for a full set!

Red: Almost no resistance. I would’ not use this as pull-up support.

Personally, I have a set containing all different resistances. That way, I can use my bands both for pull-ups – but also other exercises like:

  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Push ups
  • Bicep curls
  • Shoulder press
  • Chin ups
  • And more…

As you see, by using exercise bands, you will be able to work out most of your upper body – but also muscles in your lower body as well.

WodFitters offer an exceptionally high-quality set containing everything you need for both pull-up assistance and a full-body workout. They currently sell at a discounted price – be sure to get your set before it’s too late!

If you are curious about using rubber bands for more than pull-ups – check out my complete list of exercises in my ultimate guide to resistance band workouts!

Rubber Quality

Be sure to get a band made of quality material! Being in the middle of your exercise while your band suddenly snap hurts – but even worse, you suddenly have no resistance band, and you are only halfway through your workout!

The agony!

I’ve been there, so I know. A band that snaps is frustrating – and knowing that you can prevent it from happening by investing a couple of extra bucks extra to buy field-proven quality makes it even more frustrating.

Another negative thing about some of the poor resistance bands out there is that they tend to lose their elasticity as time goes. Hey, some of them aren’t even elastic in the first place!

Personally, I only use resistance bands from WodFitters (see my editor’s choice award). By doing so, I know I will get a product made from top-quality material – that will last for years!

2022’s Reviews of The Best Resistance Band For Pull-Ups

WodFitters Assisted Pull-Up Resistance Bands


WodFitters are one of the most well known and popular resistance band manufacturers for a reason. All their bands are made from premium materials – never compromising on quality. Their set of power bands for assisted pull-ups and powerlifting are not an exception from the rule.

By using multiple layers of the best eco-friendly latex, there is, they have created what they call «the ultimate resistance band.» Either you are doing assisted pull-ups or want to do a total body workout, this set will provide you with everything you need.

To give their customers ultimate flexibility, the bands can be brought either separately or in sets consisting of several bands. Check them all out HERE.

I have used and tested multiple different resistance bands – but at the end of the day, WodFitters simply is better than the rest…

That is why these beauties are my preferred resistance bands and also my editor’s choice.


  • Thousands of happy customers
  • Created with safe-stretch technology
  • Super-robust construction
  • An awesome lifetime warranty


  • Quality costs a bit more than average

No products found.


No products found.

No products found.

The WOD Nation Assisted Pull-Ups bands have managed something that too few manufacturers are able to do: Balance price and quality!

Although they are not at the same level as the WodFitters Bands, the WOD Nation resistance bands are among the best in class. Made from 100% natural latex rubber, these bands work great for both strength training exercises like biceps curls and deadlifts – to assisted pull-ups and squats.

If you are looking for an affordable yet excellent set of resistance bands – you should definitely stop looking and buy yourself some WOD Nation bands!


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Great reviews at Amazon
  • Several different resistance levels available


  • No Lifetime Warranty
  • Some people have experienced that the band snap

No products found.

Epitomie Fitness Bionic Flex Pull Up Assistance Band



Do these bands look cool or what?!?!?

Well, an extraordinary look is not the only feature of these nice looking resistance bands. Behind the looks, you will find bands engineered from two layers of natural rubber – which features a patented «push-pull» polymer for serious performance. This technology makes sure the Bionic Flex bands are super-durable, and their elasticity will last no matter how often or hard you exercise. No need to worry that the bands will lose shape or break – because they won’t!

As with the other assisted pull up bands, I recommend you get a few different sizes so that you can change bands to a lighter version as you get stronger.

Like with the WodFitters bands, the Epitomie Fitness Bionic Flex Pull Up Assistance Band also come with a fantastic lifetime satisfaction guarantee. In other words, buying a pair is completely risk-free!

NB! When buying through Amazon, you will NOT get a complete set, although several bands are pictured on the sales page.


  • Looks like 1000 bucks!
  • More robust and durable than other bands
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • Satisfaction guarantee!


  • No option to buy a set of bands. Only available as single items.


The Alternatives

Although these did not make it to the top, they are all excellent alternatives for your assisted pull-ups. To be honest, I should have extended this review to include a section for them all! But hey, I got to say stop somewhere, right?

If, for some reason, all the above was sold out – or the manufacturer for some crazy reason stopped producing them, here are the assisted pull up bands I would have considered:

If none of my reviewed products looked like a good fit for you, check out these as well. Although I like my assisted pull up bands to be loop bands, maybe the Bodylastics Resistance Tubes appeal more to you?

Best Resistance Band for Assisted Pull Ups FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you Use Resistance Bands for Pull-Ups?

Using resistance bands for pull-ups is both easy and convenient. Tie the band to the pull-up bar, and stick one of your legs inside the loop. Now, start those pull-ups!

Do Resistance Bands Help With Pull Ups?

Using a resistance band will help you doing pull-ups by letting you focus on your technique and form – helping you elevate your body towards the pull-up bar. While assisting you and offloading some of the weight, you will be able to fine-tune your technique and gradually build strength enough to CRUSH those pull-ups in no time!

If you are a beginner, a pull up assist band is one of your best options in reaching your pull up goal!

Which Color Resistance Band is Strongest?

Resistance bands come in several different resistance levels – and the color and resistance levels depend on the manufacturer. However, most manufacturers have agreed on the following color-coding from light to heavy:

  • Yellow,
  • Red,
  • Green,
  • Blue,
  • Black,
  • Silver,
  • Gold.

How Can I Practice Pull-Ups at Home?

There are several ways to practice pull-ups at home. Hook up a door pull up bar, lay something under the end of your door blade, and use your door as a “bar,” or do table pull-ups under your dinner table. Use your imagination or some of the tips from this video – and you will be doing pull-ups at home in no time!

What is the Best Resistance Band Under 500?

Well, if you are looking for a resistance band under 500 bucks – there are TONS of choices… If you want the best of the lot, grab one of the brands mentioned in these reviews, and you will be doing great!

Are a Resistance Band And Pull up Assist Bands The Same?

Yeah, basically, a pull up assist band is the same as a resistance band. Some bands are marketed as pull up assist bands, some as a pull up band, and some event just exercise bands.

Final Words: A Resistance Band Makes Pull-Ups Easy!

If you are dreaming of doing pull-ups, but you are struggling to get past number one – a resistance band set can be a fantastic piece of equipment to get you going. Either if you opt for my favorite resistance bands from WodFitters, or any other of the reviewed models – you will be sure you are investing in an excellent addition to your “at-home exercise equipment tool pool!”

Some of the models even come with a satisfaction guarantee. Don’t like it – return it. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Hey, want to check out even more home exercise equipment? Go visit my MASSIVE at home strength-building archive – LOADED with pure value content!

See you there!

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