Do Weighted Vests Work for Osteoporosis? Science and Facts

When someone talks about bone health, the two things that come to our minds are calcium supplements and milk mustaches, right?

Well, at least that’s what I used to think.

But what about hitting the weights?

Of course, consuming enough vitamin D and calcium is imperative. However, the fact is weight-bearing exercises are equally important!

Especially people with osteoporosis could highly benefit from this kind of resistance exercise.

Today I’ll take a look at how using a weighted vest could help people with osteoporosis – and how the added load impacts your bone health.

Do weighted vests work for osteoporosis?

Read on and find out!

Do Weighted Vests Work for Osteoporosis?

It Helps Increase Your Bone Density

For starters, some studies show evidence that a weight vest might increase your bone density. And this should be your goal number one if you have osteoporosis, right?

The fact is:

Bones are living tissues, and just like your muscles, they require some motivation to grow.

However, this motivation won’t come from just consuming a lot of calcium and idling about.

You need to exercise to stress the bones to stimulate growth!

When you do your daily exercise wearing a weighted vest, the extra load raises the levels of calcium uptake in your body.

The calcium work as high octane fuel, stimulating the creation of new bone formation.

ted vest maintains hip BMD by preventing significant bone loss in older postmenopausal women

According to studies, jumping exercises using a weighted vest maintains hip BMD by preventing significant bone loss in older postmenopausal women.

Reference: – Exercise Using Weighted Vests Prevents Hip Bone Loss

Weighted Vest Helps you Build Strength

As your body is working harder than usual to keep up with the added weight, your muscles gradually get stronger…

This new strength improves your overall body balance, posture, and coordination. As your body grows stronger and more stable, you reduce the risk of falling, -and well, breaking a bone or two.

Adding a weighted vest to your daily jog, walk, or stair climbing can boost the mineral density of your bones and enhance their health.

“But why should I use that stupid vest, can’t I just use my dumbbells or kettlebells to build strength instead?”

Sure you could.

But the biggest problem here is that most people with osteoporosis weigh very little. Their bodies simply may not be up to a kettlebell swing or dumbbell lift.

But wait, there’s more:

These types of weights only focus on the area the muscular stress is applied. But a vest, on the other hand, distributes weight evenly to the entire core of your body.

Studies have shown that wearing this unique piece of apparel strengthens your spine and hips, which are the areas most challenged by severe bone-mass issues.

That should be a reason good enough to wear one?

EXERCISE TIPS: Balance exercises like a weighted vest Tai-Chi can build up massive strength around your leg muscles, helping your feet to stand steadier. While at it, perform a posture routine such as press-ups on those “sloping” shoulders to reduce your chances of shoulder and spine fractures.

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Is it Safe to Wear a Weighted Vest When I’ve Got Osteoporosis?

How about your safety then?

If you have osteoporosis, I strongly suggest you talk to your doctor before participating in any physical activity — especially where a weighted vest is involved.

Adding too much load to your vest is more likely to get you a fracture rather than help you out!

Remember, you’ve got osteoporosis. Don’t go “all in” wearing a 90-pound weighted vest like you are Hulk Hogan… Start with small weights.

A load that is 5 to 10 % of your total body weight could be excellent to begin your routine with.

If you have been inactive for a while, choose a simple exercise like walking or jogging. Once your body gets used to it, you can then throw in a vest.

If you play it cool and listen to your body, adding a weighted vest to your life could be a great investment!

Weight-bearing Exercise May Promote Strong Bones

Final Words: Weighted Vest Supplements Your Osteoporosis Treatment

Do weighted vests work for osteoporosis?

A weighted vest workout is considered one of the best antidotes for bone loss.

However, in addition, you must:

If you are already on osteoporosis medication, take it as prescribed to continue building your bone density. Above all, always consult your doctor whenever you decide to add a new exercise to your routine.

In addition to weighted vests, there are also several other amazing strength training equipment available on the market. Check out my MASSIVE resource on at home strength building for lots of helpful equipment, tips, articles, and reviews!

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