Build Real Strength – The Benefits of Suspension Training

Suspension training.

The very words conjure up images of retirees with elastic bands, or trapeze artists hanging hundreds of feet in the air -“it’s circus time!”.

Well, I’ve got news for you!

Suspension training doesn’t have a hell of a lot to do with either of these. And if you’re looking for a versatile and highly effective workout that doesn’t break the bank, suspension training may just be your golden ticket…

Read on to discover 6 benefits of suspension training you’re missing out on if you haven’t heard of this amazing strap-system. -And why you should be doing suspension training, just like me!

The Benefits of Suspension Training

The list of suspension training benefits could be long as the Great wall of China. Here’s a hand picked few:

Suspension Training Gives You Control

Whether you’re just getting off the couch for the first time in a while, or you’re an Olympic athlete, you can’t go wrong with suspension training. This form of exercise is suitable for all levels of fitness (and commitment).

Exercises can be simplified for beginners, and boosted for experienced athletes, -providing an appropriate level of strain suitable for any fitness goals.

This is achieved easily by shifting the position of hands/feet, or altering the angle of your body. These two variable control how much strain is placed on your body as you work out, so you have a high degree of control.

Total Body Workout

Due to the ultimate level of control it offers, you can effectively work your entire body using suspension training.

There are hundreds of exercises you can utilize using a suspension trainer, -combining resistance and gravity to target particular muscle groups and disciplines. One day work on your core; the next on flexibility.

The suspension straps takes care of it all!

By rapidly changing exercises, you can easily create a time-efficient workout that leaves no stone un-turned.

Metabolic Targeting

Metabolic training focuses on quality, not quantity.

That is to say, working out at a higher intensity level for a shorter amount of time. This triggers afterburn, -supercharging the body’s metabolism to continue to burn calories even after finishing a workout.

Yes, that afterburn sure is great!

If that all sounds good to you, then suspension training might just be the answer to your woes as suspension training is highly compatible with this form of exercise.

Due to the ability to quickly alter your exercises, your heart and muscles are worked harder, stimulating the metabolism.

Yet another benefit of suspension training!



Business trips and holidays are just about the worst enemy of a healthy body.

There isn’t always a gym nearby or a road to run on, and that’s where having a portable form of workout really counts:

No matter where you are, suspension training can accommodate your workouts; indoors or outdoors.

The equipment required is highly compact, affordable and can be easily stuffed into your luggage without a second’s thought.


One of the body’s most crucial muscle groups, the core is useful for just about any form of exercise (or non-exercise) there is.

Strengthening our spine, back and facilitating breathing, -the core cannot be overlooked:

Having a strong core will enrich your overall level of fitness dramatically, as it is the foundation of a strong body!

You’ll struggle to find a single suspension workout that doesn’t use your core- this is a form of exercise that cannot be performed without utilizing this muscle group.

“Suspension training uses your own bodyweight from different angles to engage more muscle groups at the same time. Think of it this way: Something as simple as a chest press or biceps curl becomes a core-stabilization exercise.”

Reference: – The 5 toughest TRX exercises for a full-body workout

The position of the body is the core’s main responsibility, and that’s why you are going to see dramatic results when it comes to your core strength. Twisting, swiveling and pivoting, your core will be worked in ways you didn’t think were even possible!

Be ready for some serious sore abs!

Balance And Co-Ordination

While the majority of weight workouts are highly effective at building muscle, they do little to aid your body’s levels of balance and co-ordination.

In fact, building muscle may create an imbalance; as one muscle group becomes larger, another is neglected.

You don’t want to end up a freak show now, do you?

“Muscular imbalance is seen when the muscles that surround a joint provide different values of tension, sometimes weaker or tighter than normal, thus limiting the joint movement.”

Reference: – Muscle imbalance

This is (another) beautiful benefit of suspension training; -while muscles are being worked, the body must stay in control at all times to perform the exercise correctly. This conditions your body for balance and co-ordination WHILE building muscle.


Final Words – Suspension Training Really Works

The list of suspension training benefits could be 10x longer… As you understand, I personally LOVE suspension training.

Hell, to take it even further:

If I could choose between a “Home Gym Multi Super GT6780 All-In-One FX”, and a suspension trainer I would choose the latter 7 days a week…

I feel like I’m doing a commercial here, but really, -I’m not. I’ts just me being honest about a piece of equipment I really enjoy. 🙂


If you’re looking for a well-rounded and truly versatile workout, look no further than suspension training.

It has something to offer whatever your fitness goals are: improving strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, -and not to mention turbocharging your metabolism to shed those unwanted pounds!

If your interested in getting one, you should check out my suspension trainer reviews to make sure you end up with a trainer suited your needs.

Thanks for reading all to the end, see you! 🙂

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