Best Dual Anchor Suspension Trainer Reviews: 2023 Edition

Do you want to add a dual anchor suspension trainer to your home gym setup?

I have already shown you the best suspension trainers for your money – but if you are specifically looking for a dual anchor model, I’ve got another favorite.

And today, I’ll tell you exactly why the Human Trainer Kit is rated above the rest!

Best Dual Anchor Suspension Trainer Reviews: 2022 Edition

The Human Trainer Essential Kit is the best dual anchor point suspension trainer out there. Priced in the mid-range of suspension trainers, this kit is more affordable than loads of others on the market. When you take into account all the extra accessories included, that price tag looks even better.

Comparable in quality to the TRX suspension trainer system, the Human Trainer Kit is the best product for those interested in purchasing a suspension trainer with two anchor points.

While easy set up on a door or overhead beam and handles that are designed for maximum comfort, this kit soars above the rest. Unlike the competition, the handles are sturdy and won’t move or roll around during use. They are soft and gentle on your hands so that you are unlikely to experience blistering due to overuse.

Two independent straps with many adjustment rings allow for maximum versatility and quick change of resistance. The D-rings make switching between exercises during your workout super-easy, avoiding ruining the momentum and flow.

If the two-strap system cramps your style, and you want to switch to a single-strap system, all you have to do is clip the two main straps together with a single anchor point! The variety provided by the Human Trainer Kit is unlike most other suspension trainers on the market.

Carefully crafted with strong, heavy-duty materials, these straps are both secure and stable. Hey, if that doesn’t convince you — every product comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

How about that?

With that kind of security, you can be sure that you’ll love this product even before fully committing to it!

And if that’s not enough though, the 2-year warranty has got you covered. And if you for some reason will need assistance during the warranty life, you can be sure that any interaction with their customer service team will be a pleasant one.

The Features of The Human Trainer Suspension Trainer Kit

Let’s take a look at the features that make the Human Trainer the top product among the double anchor point models:

Detachable Foot Cradle Handles

The detachable foot cradles allow you to incorporate hanging inversions into your workout routine. Creating similar activation to advanced yogis and acrobatic professionals, this exercise will help you tone your body and create a physique that you couldn’t even dream of.

I’m not kidding.

Suspension training is known for its full body activation. When you’re ready, these foot cradles will help you advance your workouts to new heights and they’ll keep your workout routine both fun and exciting! Doing the same old exercises time after time gets boring. With this feature—and more—the Human Trainer Essentials Kit will add spice to your fitness lifestyle.

Believe it or not, the added versatility of accessories like foot cradles allows for hundreds of different exercises!

An Instructional DVD and Introduction Manual

Instructions, and actionable tips – are great assets for both beginners and experienced fitness gurus. With a variety of different exercise examples and tips on proper (and improper) form, these guides uplift the Human Trainer Essential Kit from a piece of equipment to an immersive fitness learning experience.

The videos are short—around 7 minutes each—making them easy to fit into your workout routine and your day. With beginner, intermediate, and advanced level videos – there is something for everyone!

If you’re just starting out and would like some direction, the instructional content is simply a must. Hey, even if you’re well-educated on suspension training, these materials are worth checking out.

Their Patented D-Ring Design

The D-ring design combined with various accessories and multiple straps creates endless possibilities. Like other suspension trainers, the Human Trainer Essential Kit enables the user to work out anytime, anywhere!

And now, you can work out anyhow:

Rigged D-rings along the main straps allow you to attach any of the many accessories at any length. This means that you can increase—or decrease—the intensity of your workout with ease. If you’re feeling creative, you can also combine or craft your own exercises to fit your fitness needs.

Cool, or what?

These D-rings make this suspension trainer stand out from the rest—creating a sense of ease and versatility that the competition lacks.

Doubble Strapped System

As a full-blood duo trainer, the Human Trainer suspension trainer brings an element to the table that most other systems don’t.

Due to the two anchor points, you will be able to hang the straps from the ceiling shoulder with apart. Because of this, you will be able to do a handful of extra exercises that you will not be able to do with traditional suspension trainers. Wide pull-ups, flawless flyes, suspension trainer squats – the list goes on.

Hey, want to use the suspension trainer using only one anchoring point? No problem! Release one of the straps from its anchor and attach it together with the other strap. Suddenly you have one anchored system!

Features Overview

Product Dimensions/Length:

  • 6 ft Main Straps
  • 1.5 ft Short Versatility Anchor Straps
  • 3.5 ft Long Versatility Anchor Straps
  • 10.5 in Handles
  • Patented D-Ring Anchor Design
  • 5 Rings on Each Main Straps
  • Added Versatility
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Weight: 6.2 Pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 8.4 x 7.7 x 6.5 inches


  • Various Accessories
  • Instructional Content
  • Portable
  • Great Value for Cost
  • Durability
  • Adjustability
  • Versatility


  • Somewhat Heavy

The Human Trainer Suspension Trainer Kit: A Perfect Match for You?

The Human Trainer Essential Kit is great for fitness beginners and experienced exercisers alike! With easily adjustable straps, you get to determine the intensity of your workout in a breeze.

Anyone interested in suspension training—whether you are trying it for the first time or continuing on your fitness journey—would benefit from the Human Trainer Essential Kit. Due to the combination of a perfectly set price tag and the high quality of the product – investing in a Human Trainer Kit is money well spent!

Whether it will be your first or your last at-home suspension trainer, the Human Trainer Essential Kit will no doubt be your new favorite piece of equipment. Compared to the single anchor point original TRX suspension trainer, dual anchor points systems provide a slightly different training experience. Some people love the duo trainer system, while others vote for the TRX suspension trainers one anchor solution.

But either you use the one or the other, the fact still is:

Suspension training is a great exercise method for athletes recovering from injury, beginners to fitness training, professional athletes who want high-intensity workouts, military personnel, and everyone in-between!

Final Words: Now, Go Get Yourself a Duo Trainer!

If you favor a duo trainer instead of a single anchor point trainer, The Human Trainer is just what you need! Attach it to a single anchor point, to a door pull-up bar – heck, even anchor it to your kid’s favorite playground apparatus!

Whether you want to do pull-ups or any other form of strength training, suspension trainer exercises will build tons of strength and muscle!

Not sure if a duo trainer is your cup of tea? Do you want to try out a more affordable solution than a TRX suspension trainer or Human Trainer? Why don’t you start off with a 6$ DIY suspension trainer – it costs lots fewer dollars, and will be more than good enough for any beginner!

Before you leave, be sure to check out my super-popular strength-building archive, LOADED with workout routines, reviews, and actionable tips!

See you there!

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