Best Suspension Trainer – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

best suspension trainer review 2017
In my commitment to helping you get in the best shape EVER, I’ve looked at the suspension trainers currently available and listed the six best trainers on the market. In addition, I’ve added a thorough buyers guide and a FAQ to make sure you end up with a suspension trainer perfectly suited your needs.

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“The best suspension trainer – 2017 reviews and top picks”.

The best suspension trainer for 2017 at a glance:

Okay, lets dive deeper and have a thorough look at the trainers..:

2017’s Reviews of The Best Suspension Trainers

Suspension trainers have become a mainstay in the gym and home exercise set-ups, however not all suspension trainers are made equal…

Luckily, I’ve had a look at the “crème de la crème” among suspension trainers in the market to make your decision process go smoother.

Read on to discover my top 6 favorites:

Ultimate Body Press Bodyweight Resistance Trainer – Most Bang For the Bucks

These training straps from Ultimate Body Press is made of professional-grade nylon for improved durability. It includes a travel bag where you can pack everything so you won’t miss a training session wherever you are. You can also set it up in an instant in your garage, around a tree, or in your room without the help of tools.

The manufacturer is kind enough to include the following features in their product:

  • Training guide poster
  • Quick adjust buckles
  • Universal utility anchor
  • 6′ straps indexed for fast easy adjustments
  • Heavy duty cam buckles and high strength handles
  • Travel bag

Do you know what made us decide that this product gives the most bang for the bucks? It’s because these straps have features similar to more expensive variants from TRX and other high-end brands, -but it costs just a fraction of their price! The Ultimate Body Press Bodyweight resistance trainer costs around $50 while similar products from more known brands costs over a hundred.

Owners of this product love how the manufacturer threw in their “flat handles” instead of regular foam which is the material usually found in regular suspension trainer. These are more comfortable to grip and it’s more durable compared to foam.

The anchoring system lets you easily hook the straps up to all kinds of places, from doors to tree limbs. There is no limits to where you can get your sweat on using this piece of equipment!

The product is also as durable as those from big brands. The clasps are sturdy enough to handle your weight and the straps are tightly stitched, they look like they won’t break even after years of use.

  • It has features similar with more expensive trainers from known brands
  • Nice grips
  • 6′ straps indexed for fast easy adjustments
  • Quick-connect ‘S’ hook anchoring
  • Cheap and affordable price
  • No ceiling or wall mount included in the package

TRX Training – GO Suspension Trainer Kit – Best Suspension Trainer for Travel

TRX is proud to present their lightest suspension trainer ever – the GO Suspension Trainer Kit. It weighs only 1lb and has a mounting height of 7-9ft. This suspension trainer is so lightweight that you won’t notice you’re carrying it around, making it the best gym equipment for travelers. Despite its weight, it’s strong enough to handle over 300 different exercises. You can also set this thing up in just a minute.

Expect to get the following items when you buy this product:

  • Door and suspension anchor
  • Workout poster containing 20-minute exercises
  • Setup guide
  • Mesh storage bag
  • Key card containing codes to access workouts online
  • TRX also offers a 1-year limited warranty on the product

Owners gave this product an overwhelming positive grade for its value. It has a sturdy built that can be compared to professional straps used in gyms. Despite being lightweight, it can handle at least a man that stands 6-foot tall and weighs 200lbs.

The only drawback is its foam grips. They’re not as comfortable and as durable as rubber ones but they still do the job of strengthening your hold.

For its price, the product performs better than expected of something that weighs as light as a feather.

  • Weighs only a pound, making it extremely portable
  • Includes free workout content
  • Easy to set up
  • Can handle heavy loads
  • A bit “pricey”
  • Foam grips
  • No mounting brackets

CrossCore War Machine Rotational Bodyweight Trainer – Best Suspension Trainer with a Pulley

CrossCore® holds the patent in incorporating a pulley in suspension trainers. To show other brands what their revolutionary technology has brought to suspension trainers, they unleashed this feature-filled beast of a product called War Machine.

The CrossCore War Machine features a pulley that enables rotational bodyweight training which ordinary suspension trainers fail to provide. A magnetic pin lock can be inserted into the pulley to prevent it from rotating, allowing you to use it for exercises requiring a more stable suspension; lifting the pin will allow the pulley to rotate again. This feature alone already shows how versatile the product is.

This suspension trainer can be latched to pull-up bars, wood beams, and tree trunks or branches using its adjustable straps. It has a mounting height of 7ft to 11ft which makes it the perfect equipment for gyms, studios, or homes with a high ceiling.

The equipment weighs 4lbs and can carry a maximum load of 1,000lbs.

CrossCore offers a 2-year warranty on the pulley and 1-year warranty on the other parts of the suspension trainer.

Aside from the rotating trainer, the package includes:

  • Door anchor
  • Wall/ceiling anchor
  • Adjustable handles to allow arms and feet to be inserted
  • Training manual and DVD
  • Carry bag made of canvas

The pulley system continues to work wonders for many owners of this product. CrossCore clearly made its point in showcasing the wide variety of exercises their product can handle compared to ordinary suspension trainers.

The War Machine is also easy to set up despite how heavy it weighs. Its weight can be associated instead with the heavy-duty materials used in constructing the equipment. Since it’s heavy-duty, it works great for intensive sets.

With all its features, especially the pulley, this product is clearly the superior choice over other suspension trainers.

  • Option to let the pulley rotate or remain static
  • Handles are adjustable
  • High load capacity
  • Made of heavy-duty materials
  • A little pricey compared to similar products
  • Quite heavy to carry around

The Human Trainer Complete Pro Kit – Best Premium Suspension Trainer Kit

The Human Trainer Complete Pro Kit is a complete suspension training package: it includes several accessories which can be used to adapt to different situations and training purposes. It’s versatile and can be set up indoors or outdoors as long as there’s a stable anchor point where it can be attached. It boasts the manufacturer’s patented dual anchor and dual anchor versatility setups which both provide improved suspension stability.

All The Human Trainer products are included in this kit. To justify the kit’s price, the following items have been included in the package:

  • Rotational pulley
  • 2x main straps with door anchors
  • 2x versatility anchors with door anchors
  • 2x foot cradle handles
  • 2x ceiling mounts
  • 2x extra handles
  • A pair of short versatility anchors
  • Pair of abs slings
  • Pair of Olympic rings
  • Pair of triceps ropes
  • An advanced poster
  • 4x e-books
  • Mesh carry bag
  • A copy of The Human Trainer DVD
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Product manual

The manufacturer also offers a 90-day money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. The kit is also covered with a 2-year immediate replacement warranty on selected parts.

This product is ideal for professional use. It’s really expensive that you can already buy at least 3 suspension trainers for its price. However, what you pay for are the accessories that will enable you to perform a wider variety of exercise routines. This is the most comprehensive suspension training kit available in the market.

For home use, this seems to be an overkill since you may not need most of the items included in the package.

  • Includes a lot of items in the package
  • Variety of anchoring setups and cradle handles
  • Great warranty coverage
  • Ludicrously expensive
  • Carry bag can’t contain all the items in the kit

Scooby’s DIY SRX Suspension Trainer – The Best DIY Suspension Trainer


Do you want to get into suspension training but you don’t have a single penny to spend on equipment? Scooby’s Workshop can help you with your money problems by helping you build your very own suspension trainer using materials lying around your house.

Here’s the list of materials you need to build the SRX Suspension Trainer:

  • Oval carabiner with 18kN load capacity
  • Cam buckle tie down straps
  • ¾” used PVC pipe
  • 2x 1 meter or 1 yard of rope

Following the steps detailed by Scooby’s Workshop, you’ll be able to create your own TRX suspension trainer in a matter of minutes. This creation is estimated to cost you less than $20 – a ton cheaper compared to the actual product. Imagine the amount of money you save with this product. You’ve just saved hundreds of dollars which you can use to buy boxes of pizza and soda instead.

Aside from the DIY suspension trainer itself, you can also create your own add-ons like foot cradles, door mounts, and attachment accessories.

Comparing the durability of your SRX with the TRX, it’s safe to say that the SRX is stronger because you can choose the load limit of the carabiners, the straps, and rope you use in building it. This is one of the advantages of the DIY SRX: cost flexibility. You can further cut down on costs to make a suspension trainer that can handle only 200lbs of active load. On the other hand, you can spend more on each component if you want to build a stronger equipment with a 1000-pound load capacity.

For safety reasons, make sure your SRX build can handle up to 4x your body weight. If you weigh 200lbs, build an equipment that can handle up to 800lbs of active load to give the equipment a nice allowance.

  • Extremely affordable
  • More practical than buying a $100-$200 system
  • Parts are customizable
  • You have to build everything from scratch
  • No manufacturer warranty (if you don’t issue one yourself :))

Click Here For Building Instructions

TRX Training – Suspension Trainer Home Gym – Editor’s Choice

TRX was developed with the aid of military science and feedback from users in the field, so rest assured it’s built to withstand heavy usage.

It’s made of materials built to survive the most intensive environments. Indoors, outdoors, or in the middle of the jungle – its quick setup feature allows you to train anywhere you want to. Wherever you choose to train, the system ensure your stability and comfort while working out.

The TRX Home Gym comes with the following items in its package:

  • Two anchoring solution
  • Mesh pack
  • 60 seconds set up device
  • Workouts to download directly to your phone

We picked this product among others and awarded it with the Editor’s Choice badge simply because it’s the perfect fit for the home training enthusiasts. True to its word, the TRX’s is simply pure quality.

The TRX is versatile and can withstand heavy usage. You can do a full body workout with it, including intensive cardio workouts lasting over 20 minutes, and it will still be up for the next challenge.

You can bring the equipment anywhere you want using the included mesh bag. The bag is large but it’s quite thin that it looks like it can’t hold much weight.

Aside from muscle training, it can also be used as an aid for rehabilitation activities. Its grips allow even users with sweaty palms to comfortably grab the suspension trainers.

Beware of fake TRX products sold in online shops. A number of users who unknowingly bought TRX imitations only realized what they got was fake when the parts snapped apart during use. Make sure you’re getting the product from legitimate sources to avoid injuries caused by substandard build.

The TRX suspension trainer is an all-rounder that exhibits quality you can’t dismiss. Its durability and versatility proves it’s worth every penny it costs.

  • Made of high-grade materials
  • Versatile and durable, suited for heavy use
  • Has comfortable grips
  • Easy set up
  • Expensive
  • No wall anchor in tha package
  • Counterfeit products tarnish the reputation of authentic ones

Reviews and Comparisons Of The Best Suspension Trainers

Buyers Guide To Purchasing a Suspension Trainer

The Benefits of Suspension Training

Suspension training won’t remain as popular as it is now if not for its benefits to the body. Here are some of the benefits you can reap from doing suspension training workouts.

Using Your Own Body Weight


Suspension training is a low impact exercise that reinforces the principles used in bodyweight training. It’s one of the best methods to gain lean muscles that will enable you to lift your own weight like it’s nothing.

Similar to bodyweight exercises, suspension training is generally safer compared to other weight lifting exercises. By using your own weight as resistance, you can avoid injuries frequently caused by lifting equipment which weighs more than your muscles and joints can handle.

This kind of exercise is also more practical since you just need to purchase a suspension trainer and you’re good to go.


You don’t need to go to the gym to train, period.

Suspension training allows you to exercise anywhere you want. As long as there’s a stable support where you can latch your suspension trainers on, you can do the exercise routines you usually do in the gym wherever you want!

Packing the suspension trainer in your backpack is a breeze. Unlike other gym equipment which takes too much weight and space, you can treat suspension trainers as if you’re just carrying a pair of ropes that can be folded to fit in the corner of your bag.

And there is even more:

Having your own suspension trainer is also more hygienic. You’ll be happy that you won’t have to use gym equipment swathed in sweat from other people. Nice!

Core Stability

Core muscles support your body’s upper and lower portions to help maintain spine alignment, improve balance, and retain proper posture.

Your core muscles are important to every single body movement.

They act like the foundation of a house: -The stronger and more stable the core muscles are, the more exercises you can do with your limbs, chest, and back.

In suspension training, all exercises you do require a part of your body to be suspended in the air. With this, you constantly engage your core muscles to maintain stability and proper form.

If you’re not invoking the power of your abs, then you may be doing your exercises wrong.

Balance and Coordination

It’s useless to increase muscular strength without improving your balance and proprioception.

Suspension training completely eliminates this oversight by involving several parts of your body in each exercise. It calls for correct muscle coordination to properly execute each move.

With all your limbs hanging in the air through suspension trainers, you really have no choice but to maintain your balance if you want to avoid falling and getting injured. You also have to exert and distribute the right amount of force on specific body parts to continue maintaining proper posture during each exercise rep.

Suspension training also makes typical exercises more challenging to do, thus compounding your gains at the same time.

Doing planks on a flat surface let you concentrate on contracting your abs alone. However, doing the same exercise with suspension trainers will make you crazy since your attention is divided in tightening your core muscles and maintaining your balance at the same time.

Just try for yourself!

Versatility and Variety

Suspension training can be performed by beginners and professionals alike.

There are routines that can be performed even by those who don’t have any background about bodyweight training at all. Similarly, suspension trainers can step up the game for athletes who are looking for an extra challenge.

Making simple movements and position adjustments can present varying degrees of difficulty since each pose requires you to use different muscle groups.

Aside from muscle toning exercises, suspension training can also be used for patients undergoing rehabilitation.

Okay, lets keep moving:

More Calories Burned

Since you’re activating more muscles in your body to perform even a single rep of a suspension training routine, more fats are burned in the process.

In fact, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) funded a study to look into the benefits of suspension training compared to other fitness programs:

It turned out that around 400 calories were being burned by surveyed individuals for each 60-minute workout session. The number of calories burned in this experiment is better than what other sports like swimming and jogging can consume.

Impressive or what?

Cardio Training

The resistance provided by the suspension trainers force you to exert more energy, resulting in increased blood flow. This makes your heart pump blood harder which is a good way of unclogging your veins.

The versatility of suspension training also allows you to easily shift from one workout to another without the need to take a break, making it possible to keep your heart pumping continuously.

This prevents momentum breaks that slow down blood circulation which often happens when you transition from one routine to another.

Also, by increasing the speed of your exercises, you require your heart and lungs to pump more and keep up with your body.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Suspension Trainer

There are a lot of suspension trainers you can choose from, each offering features suitable to your exercise program.

Although they’re relatively new compared to existing gym equipment, the market’s demand for them remains quite high.

Before you look for a suspension trainer, take into consideration the following factors first:

Fitness Level


Although suspension training is known for high-intensity workouts, it’s versatile enough to allow moves suitable for beginners in the world of fitness.

Make sure you know how much your body can handle and how your balance and muscle coordination fares before you start working out.

Medical Condition

Never attempt to engage yourself in suspension exercises if you have heart conditions, spinal injuries, arthritis, or knee inflammations. Make sure you’ve received clearance from your doctor first before holding those suspension straps.


How often are you going to use them? What sort of exercises are you planning to perform? Who else will use the suspension trainers? Do you plan to incorporate rotational exercises in your workout regime?

These are some of the questions you have to ask yourself to know how you’ll use your trainers. Your answers will play a part on the type and features of the suspension trainer you’ll have to buy.


Where do you plan to anchor your suspension trainer?

Are you planning to put it on a fixed area in your house or gym? Do you plan to bring it anywhere you want?

Suspension trainers are basically portable but you may need specialized anchors to let it latch better on specific areas.

“To get the most out of your TRX Trainer, find a workout space that is flat, non-slip, and gives you an area of approximately eight feet long and six feet wide.”

Reference: – Where To Set Up Your TRX Band

The Different Suspension Trainer Specifications

Are you excited to purchase your own suspension trainer yet? You may be surprised that they all look the same at first glance.

That’s why I’m here to help you determine which specifications to look for in a suspension trainer.

Lets keep going:


There are two main types of suspension trainers available in the market: a static and a rotational one.

The static is the traditional equipment that provides simple tension to your muscle groups.

The other one has a pulley attached to it to allow rotational movements that the static equipment can’t provide.

Know your workout plan and fitness goals to determine which of the two best suits you.


Remember that suspension trainers will carry your full body weight so make sure they’re as strong as Spiderman’s web. Straps should be made of quality materials with industrial-grade webbing and the buckles should be made of sturdy carbon fiber.

Look for information on the maximum load a suspension trainer can handle. Purchase one that exceeds your weight as an extra safety precaution.

Comfortable Grip

You’ll be with your suspension trainers almost every day so might as well get one that’s comfortable to hold.

It should be tacky enough to prevent you from slipping but not too rough that it causes blisters. It should also provide more freedom to move your hands and feet.

An ergonomically designed grip can prevent you from putting any unnecessary strain on your hands, wrists, ankles, and feet.


The length of the straps is of great importance, depending on where you’ll anchor them.

Longer straps, in general, allow more freedom of movement and mounting height.

Anchor Strength


The strength of the straps is only as good as how strong the anchors are. Having a durable strap with a brittle anchor is useless.

Suspension trainers are usually latched to a door, a ceiling mount, or tier around anything stable enough to carry your weight.

The anchors must be solid and secure. At the same time, the anchors shouldn’t leave marks after you remove them from your door or any ceiling fixture.


One of the greatest features of suspension trainers is their portability.

Look for one that weighs only a few pounds so you can easily bring it anywhere you want. Usually, they come with a carry bag when you buy them in sports shops.

You should be able to set it up in under a minute, faster than you can fry an egg for breakfast.


For its versatile functionality, suspension trainers are relatively cheap compared to other fitness equipment.

Prices range from as low as $50 for generic brands to something a little over $200 for professional brands.

Safety Precautions

Even though suspension training is friendly to beginners, there are certain moves and forms you need to learn first before you can perform full-blown suspended exercises.

Maintaining proper form, knowing which muscles to engage, and performing the tricks to keep your balance are some of the basics you need to master. Once you’ve mastered these things, it’s time to ensure your equipment is safe to use.

Inspect Your Equipment

Always inspect the equipment before you use them.

Do not use suspension trainers that are already worn out or show signs of damage. Replace them immediately or ask the manufacturer if they can offer help in fixing your equipment.

Using compromised equipment can lead to injuries or even grave accidents.

Check The Setup

Avoid clipping the carabiners into intermediate loops since they’re not meant to hold weight.

Doing so may weaken the stitches and gash the straps. Hook the carabiners only into designated slots to avoid compromising the equipment.

Also, do not let the straps sit along sharp edges to avoid tearing them. Continuously rubbing the straps against sharp edges while you work out will definitely shorten the lifespan of your suspension trainer.

Secure Anchor Points



Make sure you attach the equipment to secure and sturdy points that can hold your whole body weight for prolonged periods of time.

Perform weight tests by pulling the straps real hard after securing them on anchor points.

Equipment Maintenance

Owning a fitness equipment is a form of investment. You should treat it like a treasure because you’ll use it for a long time.

Using the equipment the wrong way is one method to shorten its lifespan. One example is rubbing the strap along the anchor point in a sawing motion.

The suspension trainer is meant to remain anchored and un-moving in one place. Rubbing puts friction on portions not meant to withstand it, putting tears and scratches on the straps.

Avoid exposing the equipment to intense heat for prolonged periods. Similarly, keep it from moisture and wetness to avoid wilting the webbing of the nylon straps.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll surely keep your suspension trainer healthy like a baby.

Suspension Trainer FAQ

How to Attach The Suspension Trainer to a Door

The suspension trainer’s portability and versatility allow it to be anchored to either a temporary or permanent fixture.

To clip it to a door, use the door anchor included in the product package and attach it to the main carabiner of your suspension trainer. You can also make your own door anchor if you don’t have one.

If you’re clipping it on a door that opens away from you, place it over the center of the door before you shut it close. If it opens towards you, put the anchor near the hinges so that you’re pulling the door shut as you exercise.

Make sure the door is sturdy enough to handle your weight. Also, lock the door as an added safety measure. You don’t want to get injured when someone suddenly opens the door while you’re in the middle of working out.

How to Attach The Suspension Trainer to The Ceiling

Ceiling mounts are often preferred by those who want a permanent anchor point in their location. These mounts need to be screwed into a beam or stud in the ceiling for better stability.

To start, place the mounts over the area where you want to permanently put it. Use a stud finder to find a sturdy support beam. Once you find one, using a pen or any marker, mark the drill holes where you’ll punch the holes later. After you’re done marking the holes, drill a hole large enough to hold the screws. Now, put the mounts by screwing them in place together with the washers usually included in the mounting package.

Alternatively, you can drill the mounts into the door casing instead of the ceiling. Door casings are made of solid wood that’s sturdy enough to handle steady pressure.

How Does a Suspension Trainer Work?

Suspension trainers have semi-stretchable straps attached to anchors points which help suspend a part of your body in the air. With this, you’re given more freedom to move into positions generally impossible when you’re on the ground.

Every move you make in suspension training also engages your core muscles since you have to constantly maintain proper posture and balance during your workout.

Suspension trainers make ordinary workout routine harder by incorporating balancing acts. For example, when you do side planks on the ground, your focus is on your obliques alone.

However, doing the same exercise but with your feet hanging on a suspended trainer divides your focus into strengthening and balancing your body.

Can I Get Injured While Using a Suspension Trainer?

Definitely, especially if you don’t observe safety precautions.

Typical injuries that happen during suspension training are caused by incorrect form and improper training progression. Starting to move while you’re still in the wrong position and sagging your body when you’re tired are some of the mistakes that can lead to back and limb injuries. You may also scrape your skin when it rubs with the straps.

Wrong equipment setup can also cause accidents. Suspension trainers should hang at equal distances from the ground. Using the straps even when they’re unevenly leveled reduces the effect of exercises and apply unnecessary stress to certain parts of your body.

Although equipment malfunctions rarely occur, you should not dismiss the probability of them happening.

If your suspension trainers are anchored to the door, make sure you lock the door and tell everyone in the house not to open it without knocking. You don’t want to fall face first when someone suddenly opens the door by accident.

Always check equipment integrity before you use them.

Is Suspension Training Good To Build Muscles?


In fact, a number of studies say that suspension training programs produce the same results as weight lifting routines. Exercising using suspension trainers promote flexibility, balance, endurance, and strength just like any other fitness program (Janot et al., 2013).

It also stimulates similar hormonal responses that lead to improved muscle growth (Dudgeon et al., 2011) and possibly better results when compared to ground-based exercises (McGill et al., 2014).

Inverted row, single-leg squat, atomic pike, power pull, Y fly, burpee, side plank with rotation – these are some of the exercises that will surely add more muscle mass and endurance to your body.

However, if you’re targeting to achieve a body that will rival the Hulk, simple suspension training may lack the needed intensity to get you your desired size. You need to look for heavier and more complex exercises if you plan to join bodybuilding contests.

Can Suspension Trainers be Used For Cardio?


Suspension trainers are not only for building up muscle mass but also for working out your cardiovascular system. Like any other form of exercise, the resistance provided by your suspended body weight stimulates muscle activity and blood circulation.

But what separates suspension training from other forms of exercise is how freely and quickly you can shift from one workout to the next without having to take too much time for setup.

This seamless change in movement and position prevents your blood circulation from slowing down, forcing your heart and lungs to keep up with your speed. Shuffle to plank, dumbbell wood chop, side plank, plank to pike and vice versa, and overhead squat – these are some of the cardio exercises you can perform with your suspension trainers.

Is Suspension Training Suited For Beginners?


Although known for being intensive, suspension training offers basic moves that beginners can handle.

Squats, rows, curls, crunches, lunges, and chest presses are commonly given to beginners. Each of these exercises can be performed for 45 seconds coupled with 30-second breaks in between.

“Because you can easily adapt each exercise to the individual by changing your relationship to the anchor point, the TRX can be used by beginning exercisers all the way up to the most advanced exerciser, like a Navy SEAL!”

Reference: – Why You Should Start TRX Suspension Training (Plus a Basic TRX Workout!)

Make sure you do warm-up exercises and stretching first before diving into intensive training. Preparing your body can save you from injuries and accidents.

How Effective is Suspension Training?

Suspension training applies the same principles used in bodyweight training. Using your natural weight as resistance, you put your muscles under stress by performing various moves.

Training usually involves traditional exercises like push-ups, crunches, and planks but with an added twist and increased difficulty.

The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research released a study on the effectiveness of suspension training compared to exercises performed on a flat surface.

Results showed that suspension training tops other exercises when it comes to engaging the core muscles. This is due to the balancing and muscle coordinating challenge suspension trainers provide.

However, there’s not much difference between this and ground-based workouts when it comes to improving other muscle groups.

Putting all research aside, let’s consider one fact: the military and UFC fighters include this in their training because of its effectiveness in increasing muscle strength and flexibility. This alone can be considered proof of suspension training’s benefit to the body.

Which Type of Suspension Trainer Should I Buy (With or Without Pulley)?

TRX®, the frontrunner in manufacturing suspension trainers, used to monopolize the market with their suspension equipment. After some time, CrossCore® came into the picture and added a pulley to TRX’s suspension trainer, adding new dimensions to traditional suspension training’s workout variety.

These 2 schools of suspension training have gained supporters who continue to debate which of the two regimes is better.

Both of them are great exercise equipment and each one possesses features that the other one lacks.

TRX’s suspension trainer promotes static bodyweight training and is more stable and reliable in carrying heavy loads. On the other hand, CrossCore’s equipment promotes rotational bodyweight exercises because of the pulley mechanism.

The latter has enhanced maneuverability and versatility compared to the TRX trainer, making it better in a few but important aspects of bodyweight training.

Both gears are good buys but we suggest that you go for the one with the pulley. They usually have a lock pin to make the pulley stop rotating, allowing you to instantly convert it to a static suspension trainer.

Final Words – go Get Yourself a Suspension Training System

Suspension training offers a lot of benefits to your physical fitness.

The added challenge of having specific body parts suspended in the air forces your body to exert more effort and help improve your balance, strength, endurance, and muscle coordination in the process. Its effectiveness has been proven by many athletes and is backed by several scientific studies.

Even the military incorporates suspension training in their workout regime because of its efficiency. But like every other sports or exercise, you have to observe safety precautions to avoid injuries and accidents.

The portability and versatility of suspension trainers make them more convenient for people to perform intensive workout sessions at the comfort of their homes.

Being handy is the biggest advantage of suspension trainers: they pack the functionalities of several gym apparatus into a single lightweight and compact gear which you can use anytime and anywhere you want.

Now that we’re done discussing how amazing suspension trainers are, and you know which are the best suspension trainer, -you have no more room left for excuses that you’re too busy or the gym is too far from home to get a dose of exercise.

Even a 15-minute workout on the suspension trainer is enough to boost your muscular and cardiovascular strength. So, go and choose one of the suspension trainers we’ve listed and start working out for a healthier lifestyle.

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