What is the Best DIY Suspension Trainer System? The 2022 Top Pick

If you are looking to set up a low budget home gym, a suspension trainer should definitely be part of your set up. If you invest 6 bucks – you will be able to build the best DIY suspension trainer system ever created; the SRX from Scooby’s Workshop.

Read on and discover what makes this model good – and why it should be part of your at home fitness set-up!

Scooby’s Workshop 6$ SRX Suspension Trainer: The Best DIY Suspension Trainer

Do you want to get into suspension training, but you don’t have a single penny to spend on equipment? Scooby’s Workshop can help you with your money problems by helping you build your very own suspension trainer using materials lying around your house.

Here’s the list of materials you need to build the SRX Suspension Trainer:

  • Oval carabiner with 18kN load capacity
  • Cam buckle tie down straps
  • ¾” used PVC pipe
  • 2x 1 meter or 1 yard of rope

Following the steps detailed by Scooby’s Workshop, you’ll be able to create your own TRX suspension trainer in a matter of minutes!

This creation is estimated to cost you less than $20 – a ton cheaper compared to branded suspension trainers… Imagine the amount of money you save with this product: You’ve just saved hundreds of dollars, which you can use to buy boxes of pizza and soda instead.


Aside from the DIY suspension trainer itself, you can also create your own add-ons like foot cradles, door mounts, a roof anchor, and attachment accessories.

Comparing the durability of your SRX with the TRX, it’s safe to say that the SRX is stronger – because YOU choose the load limit of the carabiners, the straps, and rope used in building it. This is one of the advantages of DIY SRX: cost, and flexibility!

You can further cut down on costs to make a suspension trainer that can handle only 200lbs of an active load. On the other hand, you can spend more on each component if you want to build a stronger piece of equipment with 1000-pound load capacity.

For safety reasons, make sure your SRX build can handle up to 4x your body weight.

If you weigh 200lbs, build a piece of equipment that can handle up to 800lbs of an active load to give the equipment a nice allowance.


  • Extremely affordable
  • More practical than buying a $100-$200 system
  • Parts are easy to customize


  • You have to build everything from scratch
  • No manufacturer warranty (if you don’t issue one yourself)

Suspension Training Accessories

First of all – you will need something to secure your suspension trainer to…

Some people like to strap the trainer to pull up bars, while others prefer to attach it to a permanent installation. A special anchor wall mount bracket for the suspension trainer system can be purchased from places like Amazon – or alternatively from your local hardware shop.

Instead of securing your brand new suspension straps to a wall, they can be fastened to your roof. As with the wall bracket – the ceiling bracket can be purchased from Amazon or a local store.

If you need extra resistance, why not use a weighted vest while doing your daily bodyweight workouts? Or the free option – a backpack filled with books?

Alternative DIY Suspension Trainers

Although the SRX is my top pick among the DIY TRX trainers, there are also some other homemade options for your DIY gym.

Here are some of them:

  • DIY TRX and homemade Monkii Bars
  • Drew Baye DIY Suspension Trainer
  • Instructables 5-Minute Suspension Exercise Device

If you, on the other hand, would like to take a look at the branded models, check out my best suspension trainer for the money reviews. Here you’ll find the best suspension trainer straps either you are looking for an affordable model or a premium model.

Final Words: SRX – The Best Home DIY Suspension Training System

Now you know which home made system I would prefer for my exercises.

The SRX can be used anywhere – and are probably one of the smartest exercise systems ever created. Loop it over a branch – simple as that, and you are ready to go!

Either way you own a home gym or just need an exercise equipment to keep fit – using a resistance trainer is a perfect partner for full body workouts – both inside the house, and outside.

Do you want some more DIY gym equipment ideas?


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