The Best Sit Up Bench – 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

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Adding an adjustable sit-up bench to your home gym is an investment worth considering. To give you a helping hand in picking the best sit up bench for you, I’ve listed some of the best out there, -and in addition added a thorough buyers guide and FAQ section to help you find the bench of your dreams with ease.

The best sit up bench for 2018 at a glance:

Okay my fellow hometrainingheros, lets move on and have a look at the “best sit up bench 2018”:

2018’s Reviews of The Best Sit Up Benches

FEIERDUN Adjustable Workout/ Sit-up Bench – Most Bang For The Bucks

FEIERDUN Sit-up Bench Best Sit Up Bench For The Money

Having a foldable sit-up bench tucked in under your bed is a perfect way to shape that core of yours. Well, at least when it’s in use…

This smart bench from Feierdun combines features, quality and price in an excellent way.

You’ll get a bench that folds in two easy steps, -to easily store away either in a cabinet or under your sleeping equipment, AKA your bed. The build quality is also okay, with a maximum user weight at 220 lbs. You even get a piece of resistance bands in the package, though these do not provide much resistance if you are semi-fit and beyond.

Looking at it’s features vs it’s price, this smart foldable sit-up bench from Feiedrun is awarded the “most bang for the bucks” price. An affordable nice bench good enough for the most home gyms.

The features:

  • Assembly size; 55,1L x 24,8H inches.
  • Board size; 40 3/4L x 11 3/4W x 1H inches.
  • 220 lbs maximum user weight.
  • Weight; about 8 lbs.
  • Quick, two step fold & store.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Adjustable in 4 different positions.
  • Padded for comfort and support.
  • Comes with resistance bands
  • Folds to 8,5 inches, easy to store away
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty
  • 4 different positions
  • The added resistance provided by the resistance band not suited seasoned trainers
  • Maximum user weight only 220 lbs

JUFIT Sit-up Bench – The Best Sit Up Bench With Resistance Bands

JUFIT Sit-up Bench Best Sit Up Bench With Resistance Bands

An adjustable sit-up bench to kick some core and lower back-butt is golden.

Throw some resistance bands and a spring expander in to the mix and the bench’s usage suddenly increases drasticly. In addition to your core and lower back, the added functions allows you to utilize the bench for strengthening your arms, back, shoulders and even your chest.

JUFIT’s multifunctional sit-up bench combines all of the above -at an affordable price. As most of the sit-up benches for home usage it also has a curved board for better posture and reduced lower back strain.

NB! The resistance provided by the resistance band and spring expander is fairly limited… if your allready at a moderate to high fitness level your honestly better of with going for adjustable dumbbells and a seperate resistace band with higher resistance level.

Anyways. Looking at the available benches with built in resistance bands, this is my preferred choice and is awarded the “best sit up bench with resistance bands”.

Lets look at the features:

  • Assembly size; 55L x 22W x 27H inches.
  • Board size; 41L x 11W x 1H inches.
  • 350 lbs maximum user weight.
  • Adjustable thigh support.
  • Weight; 17,6 lbs.
  • Remove screws to fold and store.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Adjustable in 10 different positions.
  • 1,6 inch cushion for maximum comfort and support.

My “main concern” when looking at this bench is the fact that you will have to disassemble a couple of screws to have it folded for storage. But on the other hand the bench is easy to set up, making this a bagatelle for a lot of users.

  • Comes with resistance bands and spring expander
  • Easy to set up
  • Nice price
  • Comfortable
  • The added resistance provided by the resistance band not suited seasoned trainers
  • You have to remove screws to fold. -But luckily it’s a simple process

Iron Jack Adjustable Folding Gym Weight Bench – The Best Sit Up Bench With Speedball

Iron Jack Sit Up Bench With Speedball

Crunches, sit-ups, back extension -it’s all good.

But why not add an extra fun, but yet effective function into the mix?

The foldable exercise bench from Ancheer comes with all the usual finesse you would expect from a bench selling for more than 50 bucks. And in addition, it comes with a smart speed ball giving you the opportunity to throwing in some quick punches while in upright position!


This added feature gives your exercise a new dimension letting your core and stability muscles work extra hard when doing those “Rocky Balboa”moves. And to be honest, it makes the usually boring core regime way more exiting!

Taking into consideration that the bench is foldable, comes with a set of dumbbells and a rope to assist newbies during sit-ups, -this bench is by far my number one choice among the sit up benches with speed ball.

Okay, some cold facts:

  • Assembly size; 48L x 11,9W x 25,4H inches.
  • Board size; 40L x 11W x 1,8H inches.
  • 440 lbs maximum user weight.
  • Suited for persons up to MAX 6,2 inches.
  • Sturdy.
  • Easy to fold and store.
  • Adjustable in 4 different positions.
  • Both padded seat and back support.
  • Speed ball brings both fun and added exercise gain.
  • Comes with rope for sit-up help, and two super-light dumbbells.
  • Low price.
  • Very Robust.
  • Folds for easy storage.
  • Not suited for “large” individuals.
  • Not as easy to assemble as other benches in the same price category.

Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Bench – The Best Premium Sit-Up Bench For Home Use – Editor’s Choice

Fitness Reality X-Class Sit Up Bench For Home Use

Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Bench – The Best Premium Sit-Up Bench For Home Use – Editor’s Choice


There is a lot of different benches out there, -even if your looking for a top-notch bench for experienced trainers.

This bench from Fitness Reality looks towards the commercial gym-design. The curved board have been erstattet by the traditional flat design, and the fold away feature have been erstattet by transportation wheels.

Build quality, adjustments and usability, -all at a different level than the other reviewd benches. Using this bench you will most deffinently get the gym-feel, even when in your own home!

As the board is flat, and you have the ability to tilt the bench to vertical position, you suddenly open a completely new range of exercises compared to the curved benches:

– Dumbbell/ resistance band bench press
– Dumbbell rows
– French press
– Flyes
– Shoulder press

The list goes on…

If you are looking for more than a “easy” bench, -but rather would like a commercial quality multi usable bench, this is your choice!

Okay, enough bragging. Here is some features:

  • Assembly size; 64L x 28,8W x 35H inches.
  • Product weight; 55,6 lbs.
  • 650 lbs maximum user weight.
  • Comes with push up and dips bars.
  • 4 inches roller pads with 2 adjustment levels.
  • Transportation wheels.
  • 4 optimal bench adjustments, 1 flat and 3 decline.
  • 2 inch thigh foam cushions with 14 adjustments.
  • Sweat and moist resistant. 2,5 inch quality foam.
  • Commercial gym-quality.
  • Flat adjustments for extended exercise opportunities.
  • Thick cushions for high comfort.
  • Transport wheels for easy moving.
  • Optimal adjustment positions.
  • High range of satisfied customers.
  • Great warranty.
  • Do not fold.
  • Hard to assemble.

Reviews and Comparisons Of The Best Sit Up Benches

Buyers Guide To Purchasing a Sit Up Bench

Thinking of adding a sit-up bench to your home gym?

Well, be sure to read my buyers guide first!

5 Quick Benefits Of Using a Sit-Up Bench

Their Adjustable

By using an adjustable sit up bench instead of the floor, you will have the opportunity to exercise in many different angles -adding further challenge to your exercise

Multi Usage


The sit-up bench can be used for far more than traditional sit-ups and crunches…

Back extensions, leg raises, push ups, dips -the list goes on. Adding a bench to your home gym brings a large range of new exercise possibilities.

Builds Your Core

A strong core is an vital part of a healthy body. The sit-up bench is excellent at strengthening those core muscles of yours.

Keep those back pains away and make sure your posture is sturdy and strong!


Brings support to your crunches

Unlike the floor, a sit-up bench brings support and comfort to your exercise. While providing support to your back, the bench helps you keep injury free when doing your “ab-day”.

Builds strength

As the bench can be used to a large range of exercises, a sit-up bench will help strengthen your whole body. Legs, abs, back, arms, chest, butt. Using it in different ways they will all get their share of beating!

Things To Consider Before Getting a Sit-Up Bench

Curved vs Flat Sit Up Bench, The Differences

The curved bench will give your back extra support by “filling” the arch of your back whan you lay down. This is great for both comfort and injury prevention.

By having the curved board though, you will loose the ability to do a range of exercises… The flat bench, -if possible to adjust to vertical position, will give you the opportunity to extend the bench usability by allowing you to do exercises like dumbbell chest press, dumbbell rows and more.

Where Are You Going to Store Your Bench?

Do you need a bench which folds? Will the bench stay “permanent” at the same spot? These are things to consider before splashing the cash, as having a bench not suited your “tuck away need”could be quite frustrating…


Are You a Beginner or “Pro”?

If you are a beginner you’re main criteria might be comfort and ease of use. If you’re a “pro” your might want a bench where you can do exercises while adding extra resistance by holding dumbbells.

Make sure to check out the benches features to avoid purchasing an equipment which does not match your needs.

What is Your Budget?

Are you a millionaire? Well, buy your self a complete gym and install it in your 300 square feet basement.

Anyways, be sure to find a bench that matches the dollars in your pocket. You might be just as fine with a bench costing 80$ as one costing 300$…

As mentioned earlier, be sure to identify a bench suited your needs -don’t pay 200$ extra for features you might not need.

Do You Need Extra Resistance?

If you need extra resistance while doing your exercises, make sure to get a bench which can handle the added weight.

Some benches are constructed to carry the bodyweight of one person, -and hardly so. Be sure to check out the weight capacity of the bench before logging in to your PayPal account.

What is Your Fitness Level?

Do you need a sit-up bench at this stage? Or would you do with a stability ball?

Be sure you are ready to actually use the bench before buying. If not it will most definently be utilized as a coat stand instead of your workout mate…

Your Height

Some of the benches comes with quite short board size. If you’re a tall person, be sure to verify that the bench will fit your long limbs!

Are You Going to Use The Bench For Other Than Sit-Ups?


Did you know that some of the benches can be used to far more than ab and back exercises?

Don’t begrense your self, before pressing “order” make sure to consider if you want to use the bench for more than sit-ups…

Sit Up Bench FAQ

Is a Sit Up Bench Effective?

I’ll be short… Yes they are.

You’ll get various angles from which to challenge your muscles, and you will also be able to use it to do a wide array of different exercises.

How to Assemble a Sit Up Bench?

The sit-up benches come disassembled whereas you will need to do the assembly yourself.

They all come with instructions, making it mostly pretty non complicated to put them together.

After all, were not building space ships. As long as you know how to use a spanner and a screwdriver you should be fine.

How to Use a Sit Up Bench Correctly?

Instead of writing a lot of words, I’ll just refer to this video instead:

Can I Get Injured While Using Sit-Up Bench ?

As with all exercise equipment, I’m sorry to say the answer is yes…

If you not use the equipment properly there is a risk of hurting your back. You should NEVER “cheat” or do an exercise without keeping correct form.

Make sure you know how to use the equipment before going at it like you’re Superman!

Are Sit Up Bench Good or Bad?

If you know how to use it, and you have brought a bench suited your needs, -owning a bench is definitely a good thing.

But buying a bench and not using it is on the other hand a bad investment.

Be sure you both are ready to use it and that you get a bench which covers your expectations.

What is Best, Sit Up Bench or Ball?

That’s a tough one…

A ball cost a fraction of the price, but still provide a lot of the same as the bench. The difference is mainly that working out with a ball you are continualisy working your balance as the ball works as an unstable surface.

The bench on the other hand, provides you a stable surface giving your stabilizing muscles “a day of” while focusing on strengthening the muscles your targeting.

Which one is better is hard to answer as it all depends on your goals and preferences.


Sit Up Bench vs Floor. What is The Best?

Bench, period!

Usability, comfort and efficiency all weights in favor of the bench…

“For abdominal exercises such as sit-ups, this can be done by using decline boards — also called slant or incline boards — and exercise balls — also called Swiss balls — in your workout. There are advantages to both. Each activates muscles that might not be engaged by performing the exercises lying on the floor.”

Reference: – Are Decline Bench Sit-Ups or Exercise Ball Sit-Ups Better?

Final Words – A Sit Up Bench is Worth Every Penny

Whether your aim is to build abs of steel or get into whole body exercises, a sit up bench could be a nice addition to your home gym equipment tool-pool.

You get them in a lot of different models, all with their own pros and cons.

But by knowing and understanding what your need really is your chances of finding a bench you will be satisfied with raises vastly.

I really hope you by reading my review on the best sit up bench at least got a little bit less uncertain and that deciding on which bench to buy will be a little bit more easy. 🙂

Already got your own favorite? What do you think is the best sit up bench on the market?

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