CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand Review: 2022 Edition

CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand Review

Are you looking to add a power rack to your arsenal of home gym equipment? Here’s a CAP barbell power rack exercise stand review stripped for the usual sales BS.

Let’s dive straight in!

CAP Barbell FM-905Q Color Series Power Rack Exercise Stand, Carbon
  • SPECS - Assembled dimensions are 46 inches wide x 50...
  • CONSTRUCTION - The 11 and 12-gauge steel tubing allows...
  • MULTIPLE FEATURES - (1) Built-in bar and (1) weight...

2022 CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand Review

CAP Barbell FM-905Q Color Series Power Rack Exercise Stand, Carbon


For more than 25 years, CAP Barbell has helped fitness freaks make the most out of their workouts. The company manufactures over 1000 products in 30 different categories.

From weight training gear to power racks and inversion balls, you can find everything at CAP Barbell. You can use their equipment in home gyms as well as commercial spaces. They design high-quality products with affordable price tags so you won’t have to compromise on either of them.

The equipment we will be reviewing today is the CAP Power Rack Exercise Stand or Squat Stand that can be used for varied strength workouts. With this power rack in your home gym, you don’t need a spotter…

The mainframe is made of 11 and 12 gauge steel with a powder-coat finish, ensuring the endurance of heavyweight and durability of the frame without compromising on user safety. It is tough enough to bear up to 300lbs.

In addition, it comes in vibrant colors – including red, white, and yellow. So, it will easily blend in with the rest of your home gym equipment.

You can even screw the rack into a bar or the ground to stop it from moving. However, screwed or not, it doesn’t displace.

CAP Barbell FM-905Q Color Series Power Rack Exercise Stand, Carbon
  • SPECS - Assembled dimensions are 46 inches wide x 50...
  • CONSTRUCTION - The 11 and 12-gauge steel tubing allows...
  • MULTIPLE FEATURES - (1) Built-in bar and (1) weight...

The retaining system of the cage – adjustable J-hooks, and steel uprights, allow versatile workouts. They can hold up to 500lbs. Along with that, the floor anchors help with stability.

You can also order the CAP Barbell equipment along with a utility bench to perform upper and lower body exercises. With the four adjustable bench positions, you can not only try out new workouts but also feel comfortable on the firm back pad.

Apart from this, if you want to try pull-ups to build your upper body, the stable pull up bar can stand up to 750lbs. As if that’s not enough, you can store your weights with the built-in storage components as well.

CAP Power Rack lets you perform full-body workouts. You can do bench presses, squats, pull ups, and many other exercises with the exercise stand, for strength boosts, functional training, and more. Why don’t you take a look at this exercise routine for inspiration?

You will have to spare hardly 30 minutes to assemble the equipment. In fact, the tools to assemble it are already inside the package.

Notable Features


The manufacturers make use of nicely welded commercial-grade tubular steel for the overhead cage. The steel cylinders on the CAP Barbell power rack are carefully welded along with mounting plates so that the frame doesn’t collapse during heavy workouts.

Each component of the rack reflects safety and strength.

The main steel frame of the Power Rack has a powder-coated finish, which makes it rust-proof and long-lasting. It’s sturdy, and the gusseted steel uprights add to the durability and safety of the power rack.

Each end of the attached cylinders has a rubber cap closing so that they don’t oxidize and weaken over time without you knowing it.

J-cup Catches

The adjustable J-hook bar-catches will hold or catch the barbell safely. They can bear up to 500lbs. It offers a diverse choice of workouts on the Power Rack.

CAP Barbell FM-905Q Color Series Power Rack Exercise Stand, Carbon

You can adjust the catches to different levels for a variety of barbell presses. The Olympic bar and plate post attachment provide the right amount of space for storage. You can also buy extra J-hooks from CAP.

Simply place a weight seat within the rack and lift any weight without much trouble. You can even connect additional attachments to the stand for more comfort and grip, such as stomach ties and abdominal muscle rings.

Top Workout Bar

The Power Rack features a solid top bar for pull ups or chin-ups. It can be adjusted to facilitate different workouts. The structure of the rack is robust and allows for many rigorous exercises without any danger of collapsing.

The rack comes in seven different colors, with an additional option of ordering a utility bench along with the stand on Amazon. The entire Power Rack is sturdy, stylish, and perfect for your home gym.

Quick Facts

  • Weighs a little more than 60lbs
  • After assembling, the structure is 60 inches wide and 85 inches high
  • Made from 11 and 12 gauge, cold-rolled steel
  • Includes two J-hooks
  • Rubber caps at ends of the tube
  • Top workout bar to double it as a resistance training station
  • Powder-coated exterior
  • Stand endures up to 300lbs
  • J-catches can bear up to 500lbs (even more if you don’t slam the weight on it)
  • Comes in seven vivid colors
  • Built-in storage for bar and weight plates


  • Cost-efficient with an unbeatable price
  • Made of 11 and 12 gauge steel with double gusseted uprights for maximum stability
  • Durable and safe with the proper mechanics
  • Easy to move, yet sturdy
  • Two-in-one usage for bodyweight training and resistance training
  • Tough overhead workout bar
  • Powder-coated finish for extra durability
  • Rubber-capped tube ends to reduce the chances of oxidation and rust
  • Easy assembling


  • Might shake a little during pull-ups, unless it’s placed on a thick rubber mat or something alike
  • Ceiling height needs to be considered before buying
  • Limited weight capacity
  • 30-day warranty 


Who Are The Product Best Suited For?

CAP Barbell Power Rack has a lot to offer in a single exercise stand. It’s safe to use extensively for barbell exercises, as well as for bodyweight exercises and resistance training. It is a piece of equipment you must have in your home gym.

The multi-purpose CAP Power Rack exercise stand is an ideal choice for users looking for stability and functionality. It can be used as a body weight-training and a resistance training station for beginners on a budget.

The fact that it is light and movable, with different bar positions, makes it user-friendly. The design enables the user to shift the rack around the home gym and use it in various manners.

The Power Rack is suitable for beginners and average lifters who can use the pull-up workout bar and the adjustable J-hooks for a variety of exercises. A training lifter can use the top bar, or the bar catches for squats, pull ups, leg presses, and more.

Even if you are an experienced lifter, the CAP rack will help you keep your body in shape. The frame is wide enough to provide plenty of space to work out safely. You can easily pair a utility bench for more versatility.

The Alternatives

There are many alternatives, I have taken a look at the best of them in my best power rack for home gym review. Be sure to check it out!

SaleBestseller No. 3
Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Squat Stand Power Rack Cage - SF-XF9931
Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Squat Stand Power Rack Cage - SF-XF9931
OLYMPIC BARS: Fits up to 7ft Olympic Bars.; Included Components: Squat Rack, User Manual, Tool, Hardware
$248.97 −$48.36 $200.61

An alternative not included among the top three is Powerline ppr200x. This is also a product I would highly recommend.

Final Words

Although there are many power racks available, the CAP Barbell model is definitely among the best.

The commercial equipment found at gyms often utilizes 12 and 14-gauge steel, but these constructions are usually pretty heavy. As CAP Barbell uses 11- and 12- gauge steel with double gusseted uprights, their equipment is lighter and perfectly suited to a home set-up. It also comes with a lot of features usually found in models costing twice the price!

If you are into strength training, considering a cage-like the CAP Barbell model is a no-brainer!

Not convinced?

I’ve got TONS of other options for you! Take a look at my home strength training collection – TRUCK LOADED of tips, hacks, and exercise equipment reviews!

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