Power Rack vs Squat Rack vs Power Tower vs Smith Machine: What is the Difference?

Power rack vs squat rack. Power tower vs smith machine. Power Tower vs Power rack… I know, confusing or what???


Today I’ll help you with sorting out the confusion.

Read on and discover what is what – and what should be used for what.

Power Rack, aka “Power Cage”

A Power Rack is formed like a steel cage where you can stand and do your exercise. They are mostly used for barbell exercises, but they can also be used for several typical calisthenics moves as pull-ups, dips, and chin-ups.

The cages include a set of horizontal safety bars to act as your spotter during heavy lifting. The bars have several positions, and the height can easily be adjusted.

Power Racks are excellent for classical powerlifting moves like deadlifts, bench – and shoulder presses, squats, and curl exercises.

If you want to build serious muscle, have the needed space, and you can afford it – power racks are definitely worth looking into!

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Squat Rack, aka “Squat Stand”

The squat rack has one primary purpose; – to hold and support the barbell you are about to work out with.

The stand comes in a few different setups. They can either come assembled whereas the whole equipment is assembled – like this: