Resistance Bands For Plus Size People: Do They Work? And Which Should You Choose?

Do I recommend resistance bands for plus size people?

The answer is yes!

And today, I’ll tell you exactly why resistance bands should be considered if you are a plus-size guy or gal…

What Kind of Resistance Bands Are Best for Plus Size People

Resistance bands come in a variety of resistances and different widths.

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For plus-size people, the best resistance band will be a band that provides just the right resistance for them to do exercises that combine cardio and strength training. Resistance bands with too much tension will be ineffective and may cause injury – while bands with too little tension won’t give enough resistance to workout.

If you are unsure which resistance fits your need, buy a set consisting of several loads – or even try a couple of bands before you decide.

Resistance Band Exercises for Plus Size People

Resistance bands are an excellent option for people who cannot do traditional exercises. They provide resistance in any direction and can be used for a variety of different exercises like:

  • Chest Press
  • Bicep Curls
  • Tricep Press
  • Lateral Raises
  • Hamstring Curls
  • Deadlifts

Resistance band exercises are a great way to add variety to your workout routine. They can be used for a full-body workout – or targeted for specific muscle groups.

Resistance bands are not just for athletes and people who want to get in shape – but also for people that just want to exercise now and then.

You can use them at home, in the office, or while traveling to your favorite vacation destination.

The Truth About Resistance Band Training for Plus Size People

The truth about resistance band training for plus-size people is that it is a great way to get in shape and lose weight. It’s also an excellent way to build muscle.

Resistance band training has been shown to be an effective workout routine for the plus-size population because of its versatility, ease of use, and low cost. They are easy to get started with – and they can be set up and ready to go in seconds!

Resistance bands can be used to reach several different goals, like rehabilitation, strength training, better cardio fitness – and of course, weight loss.

Plus, resistance bands are easy to carry around with you – so you can work out anywhere!

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Resistance Bands For Plus Size People Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Weight can a Resistance Band Take?

Resistance bands are typically made of latex or neoprene, which can stretch up to 150% of their original length.

The brand, type of band, and material type are the factors that set limitations on their resistance. This can range from 100 pounds to 500 pounds. Some high-end and professional bands are made with materials that can handle up to 1000 pounds.

What Are the Best Resistance Band Exercises for Obese?

Whether you are obese or normal weighted, some exercises really get your metabolism going. Try combining exercises like squats, deadlifts, chest press, and shoulder press – and do them with high intensity and short breaks between sets.

What Are the Best Resistance Bands for Fat Legs?

If your goal is to have thinner legs, the type of resistance bands you choose is NOT the key to success. When losing weight, you should always prioritize focusing on your diet! If you do not change your eating habits, you can work out for hours each day – without losing a single pound.


When your diet is under control, it’s time to focus on exercise. And to train your legs, mini bands or hip bands will be excellent choices!

Can you Get Ripped With Just Resistance Bands?


But you can get ripped without as well.

Getting ripped is all about dedication – not which exercise equipment you use. But using resistance bands can be an excellent tool to help you along the way!

Final Words

As you can see, resistance bands are a great tool to use if you’re a plus-size person looking to tone up and lose weight. They’re lightweight and portable, so you can take them wherever you go, and they’re effective at providing resistance to your muscles.


If you’re overweight or obese and looking for a fun way to get a full-body workout, resistance bands are a great tool you should consider.

The WODFitters Stackable Resistance Band Set is a perfect choice to help plus-size people tone and shape their bodies – in an easy, safe, and effective way!

Want to learn more about exercise and workouts for plus-size people? Visit my MASSIVE strength training archive, LOADED with tips, hacks, and easy-to-follow workout descriptions. See you there!

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