Bodylastics Stackable Tube Resistance Bands Reviews: 2022 Edition

How are the Bodylastics stackable tube resistance bands compared to other resistance bands? And should I opt for tubes or flat bands?

Although the exercise tubes from Bodylastics did not make it to the top of my best resistance band reviews where the WODfitter bands ran away with the gold medal, they still provide a real bang for your bucks.

Read on and discover exactly what makes these bands an excellent choice if you are looking for a heavy tension resistance band set!

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2022 Bodylastics Stackable Tube Resistance Bands Reviews


The Bodylastics Stackable Resistance Bands may seem like any other band set on the market. However, they have a few great features that make them one of the best choices for band workouts.

The stackable feature offers multiple levels of resistance. If you have ever tried resistance bands and thought they were too easy, you could use a stackable set.

Anti-snap technology offers safer workouts. Trust me, if you haven’t been whipped with a snapped band in the middle of an exercise, it hurts!

The Bodylastics Stackable Band set also offers anchor attachments to increase the number of exercises to perform. By being able to anchor your bands both under and over, even a door makes a Resistance band set as effective as a Cable Tower that you’d find in a commercial gym.

Plenty of other band sets offer similar features, but there aren’t too many that offer them all!

They are rated very high and are used by thousands to reach their fitness goals. Users note their affordability compared to other training equipment and rave about their results when implemented into a complete training program!

The Features

Here are the top 3 features of the Bodylastics Resistance Bands:

●       Stackable bands

●       Patented anti-snap safety technology

●       Stretch Memory

Stackable Bands

The stackable feature makes resistance bands a viable option for a total body workout. Single bands that have attached handles are only useful for exercises that can utilize that range of resistance.

When you get stronger, you need progressive overload to continue making progress. That’s why being able to stack more bands onto the same handle attachments makes this set so special.

If you get the Mega package (Bodylastics Stackable 12 pcs), you can workout with up to 404 lbs of band tension total. If you can train heavier than that, you need some serious weightlifting gear beyond bands! For the rest of us, this set will be effective throughout our time of training.

Anti-Snap Technology

Imagine this: you have your bands anchored at the top of your door. You are doing Lat Pulldowns with a stack of bands that add up to some serious resistance. You pull down to your shoulders and hear a quick snap followed by a whip to the forehead.

This is the pain of a snapped band when exercising. You can end up with bruises, bumps, and welts. Snapping bands are the main safety issues with resistance band training.

The Bodylastics Band set takes this out of the picture. Each band features an inner band so that if the outer latex snaps, the band doesn’t shoot off and cause problems. Instead, it stays on the inner band and allows for safe recovery!


Last but not least, the stretch-memory feature of these bands means that they won’t become stretched out over time. A stretched band means less overall resistance and less usefulness from a band itself. These bands don’t stretch over time much at all, meaning long-lasting use.

You could buy the best band set in the world, but if it doesn’t have long-lasting stretch-memory, you aren’t going to get your money’s worth in the long run. This is a highly overlooked feature when looking to purchase resistance bands.

Quick Facts

  • Various packages that offer between 96-404 lbs of band tension.
  • Total weight of about 3 lbs for the 12 pc set, making them useful on the go.
  • Handles, wrist straps, and a door attachment to create a complete training experience.
  • Smart Travel bag.
  • Backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee!


  • Bands are lightweight and portable.
  • Anti-snap technology is invaluable!
  • The multiple options for resistance give you a range of exercises and training modalities to work with.
  • The door attachments and ankle straps are a beneficial addition to allow for a complete workout program.
  • Comes with both TPR waffle grip handles and ankle straps.
  • Patented clip design for quick attach / release.
  • Named best resistance bands by the Wirecutter!


  • Resistance bands are less viable for certain exercises, either due to positioning or the variable resistance that bands offer.
  • If you stack a lot of bands at once, it can be hard to even out the bands all the way to balance your training.


Who Is The Bodylastics Exercise Band System Best Suited For?

The Bodylastics Stackable Resistance Bands are great for anybody looking for a portable, high-quality set of workout equipment. Bands are a little limited when compared to free weights, but they make up for it in portability, safety, and price.

Keep in mind that resistance bands offer variable resistance, which is unique. Most training equipment is either uniform across the movement or varying with gravity. Bands offer a special training stimulus that anybody looking to maximize their physical fitness can benefit from!

With the different packages offering a multitude of resistance options, most trainees will benefit from using these bands. If you are already well experienced with strength training and can lift over your body weight on a variety of movements, then bands may not be for you.

Otherwise, the Bodylastics Resistance Band set is a great choice for resistance training at home or on the go!

The Alternatives

I have previously reviewed the best resistance bands, and the WODFitters exercise band system came out as clear winners. But there are also other great options – some of them are:

You can read more about them by clicking the links above. They will take you straight to the Amazon product page – where you can check out both their features and user reviews.

Final Words: Exercise Tubes or Resistance Bands?

Resistance tube band systems are somewhat different from the traditional loop bands both in looks and use. Which type is best depends on your own preferences – some like loop bands, others like exercise tubes. Both types are an excellent addition to a home gym! If you want to try out tube bands though, the Bodylastics resistance bands are the leading exercise band system with a tube design. The exercise band system includes a whole range of special features like:

  • Made from heavy-duty components
  • Inner cord system for enhanced safety
  • Anti-snap safety design
  • Premium grade quality latex
  • Patented clip design for easy attachment to door anchors or other attachable items

If you on the other hand want to take a look at loop bands instead, these WODfitters resistance bands are PURE QUALITY as well.


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