Suspension Training vs Kettlebell: Which is the Better?

Suspension training vs kettlebell, is one better than the other?

Although quite different, they are both excellent exercise equipment boasting their own sets of strengths and weaknesses. But what exactly are their strengths, and what makes them different?

Read on and find out!

What is Suspension Training? And How Does it Work?

The term suspension training is used to describe an exercise and fitness routine that utilizes tension created by suspending a person’s body weight from an overhead strap-system.

In short, the workout is often performed in a hand-over-hand fashion where you hang from the straps and use your muscles to pull yourself up – fighting the gravity provided by mother earth and your body weight.

Suspension training has been around for many years but has recently seen an increase in popularity due to its effectiveness as a full body workout. Suspension training can be performed at home, at the hotel, in the park, or even in the office. As long as you find a place to anchor the system – there is nothing stopping you from working out (except from your will that is).

What Are Kettlebell Workouts? And How Do They Work?

Kettlebell workouts are somewhat more intense and can help burn fat and tone muscles both at the same time. Kettlebells will also provide a full-body workout that works the entire body, including the core, arms, chest, back, legs, and abs.

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It has been proven to be one of the most effective workouts out there due to its innovative way of improving power by maximizing efficiency and repetition. In addition, kettlebells are great for building lean muscle mass as well as improving core stability and improving your general fitness level.

Suspension Training vs Kettlebell

Which are the Most Affordable?

You can use your suspension trainer at home with no other equipment involved. Suspension trainers are available for anywhere between 50-150 dollars (or if you are on a budget, try this DIY suspension trainer), and all you need to use it is to find a suitable place to anchor the straps.

If you don’t have a natural anchoring point available at your home, an anchor point can be purchased for a couple of bucks from Amazon.

Kettlebells also offer a low-cost way of getting in shape. Start of with buying two or three different weights – and gradually add more as you get stronger.

Which are Best at Building Strength?

This is a difficult question as it depends on several factors:

  • Your fitness level, 
  • personal preference, 
  • and goals, to name a few.

While kettlebells are not as popular as they were a few years ago, they still have their strengths. If you want to increase power and explosiveness through ballistic training, kettlebells will do just that.

However, suspension training is better if you want an efficient workout with consistent and measurable results. Besides working the muscles targeted in each exercise, suspension trainers also build strength by engaging the core muscles and activating the deep stabilizing muscles. By doing TRX workouts your core will be gradually stronger, either you like it or not.

Which are Best at Building Strong Core Muscles?

Core strength is a crucial element to human health, posture, and safety.

That’s why it’s essential to find an efficient exercise routine when it comes to building core strength. Suspension training and kettlebells are both popular and well known for their ability to build core strength.

  • Suspension training uses your body weight, momentum, and the force of gravity to challenge your body while working out. This type of exercise leaves you with constant tension on your core muscles – which again helps to strengthen them in warp speed.
  • On the other hand, Kettlebells require you to engage in more functional movements like squats, lunges, and curls – engaging several of your larger muscle groups at the same time as working your core.

Ultimately, both suspension training and kettlebells offer unique benefits towards building core strength, so choosing a winner among the two is hard – if not impossible.

Which are Best for Crossfit?

The suspension trainer has been used by the military since the 1980s to build strength, endurance, flexibility, and stability. However, it is only in recent years that it has become popular among fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and coaches.

Kettlebells are used primarily for ballistic exercises that require quick force followed by a slower lowering phase. This type of exercise relies on momentum to carry through the movement like swings, cleans, or push presses.

For CrossFit, kettlebells are typically the preferred among the two – as the large and explosive movements are more suitable than the suspension trainer’s more focused and controlled way of exercise.

Which are Best for Home Gym Use?

Suspension training and kettlebells are both great forms of training equipment for home gyms.

Kettlebells are great at developing core strength, explosive power, and balance. Suspension training is an excellent alternative to traditional forms of training such as dumbbells and weight lifting. Also, it is super-compact and requires no large space to be used.

Both suspensions trainers and kettlebells have benefits that make them worth the purchase price. The best option is dependent on your specific needs and fitness goals. If you can afford them both – get them both!

Beginner Tip: Before establishing your workout routine – talk to a personal trainer to make sure your routine is tailored your individual goals. Both kettlebells and suspension trainers are great at what they do – but to make the most out of them, professional advice could be the difference between average and excellent.

How do They Differ?

Kettlebells are mostly more challenging than suspension training, and naturally, they also have different benefits. They provide somewhat more challenging exercises, and they allow you to work out your entire body at once – both strength and cardio.

All you need is one kettlebell, less than 10 minutes and the heart to push as hard as possible. Your reward? A massive kick to your metabolism to keep burning calories long after our last rep.

Reference: – 9-Minute Kettlebell CrossFit Workout Will Burn Huge Calories and Battle Stubborn Body Fat

On the other hand, while suspension training is easier to use, they are usually used to work out a few parts of the body at a time.

Both tools have their own unique benefits – kettlebells improve grip strength, power, agility, and cardiovascular endurance. In contrast, suspension training improves balance, strength, core stability, and it’s easier on your joints.

Who Should be Using Suspension Training?

Suspension training is a great tool if you want to improve your general fitness level. It allows you to train every major muscle group while also improving your balance and coordination.

Everyone who wants to improve their physical fitness would be an ideal candidate for suspension training. This type of exercise can help with numerous different goals, like:

  • weight loss,
  • increase your strength,
  • and get you physically fit.

Who Should be Using Kettlebells For Their Workouts?

There are many benefits of kettlebell workouts. You can reap the gains from them even if you are an athlete or just a part-time exercise enthusiast.
Kettlebell workouts are a great source of cardio, and they provide an intense full-body workout as well. In addition, kettlebells are versatile, allowing you to work different muscles in the body with each move.

Suspension Training or Kettlebells: Which is the Best?

The answer is neither. Suspension training and kettlebells are both effective exercises for building muscle, but they have different purposes.

While suspension training might be best for athletes, kettlebells can be better for more general fitness goals.


There is no best or worst – they are simply both excellent pieces of equipment! And you enjoy countless hours of challenging exercises no matter which you choose!

Final Words: Suspension Training or Kettlebells?

Although suspension training and kettlebell workouts differ, they are both excellent exercise equipment for both beginners and seasoned trainers. Either your goal is to build strength, mobility, or just better your general fitness level – you cannot go wrong by adding one of them to your home gym.

Due to its simplicity and ease of use, I personally love the suspension trainer – but if you have space (and money), kettlebells are just as good.

Want to learn more about different types of exercise equipment?

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