Why is it Important to Strengthen Your Core? 8 Reasons to Why YOU Should be Doing Core Exercises!

Why is it important to strengthen your core muscles?

There are tons of reasons why your core exercises should be part of your workout regime. And today we are going to take a closer look at eight of them…

Read on and discover why a strong core is synonymous with better life quality and a happier you!

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Why is it Important to Strengthen Your Core? 8 Science-Backed Facts About Core Strength

After looking at the best sit up bench and then finding out which is the best ab roller to buy – let’s look at the benefits these core-killers bring to the party…

Strong Core Muscles Relieve Back Pain

Have you ever had back pain?

I have – and it sure is not fun!

The most common cause of this type of pain is weak core muscles, which leads to poor posture – as well as injury and many other problems later in life. As I am writing this article, I can tell you for sure: My core muscles are NOT happy that their host is sitting on a chair – hunched over the computer…

Too many hours at the office and no core strengthening activities,will sooner or later lead to an unhealthy posture and life-defining pains.

Core strength is important, as it stabilizes your back and helps keep a good posture – preventing those terrible back-pains.

Improved Stability and Balance

Your core muscles play a vital role in your body’s stability and balance. Think of these muscles as the foundation – or pillar of your body. A strong pillar will provide you with improved stability and balance, helping you to do heavy lifting, quick turns – and fast sprints!

“Having a hard time with balance? You need to strengthen your “core” muscles!”

Reference: www.webmd.com – Balance Your Way to a Stronger Body

Core Muscles Are How We Move

When you look at a typical doctor’s office diagram of where your core muscles are, you will typically see the abdominal wall and the entire back muscle that surrounds your spine. Some diagrams may also include the pelvic muscles.

However, this is not entirely accurate:

You see, the core muscles also include:

  • your pelvis,
  • your hip flexors,
  • your glutes (aka your butt),
  • your abs,
  • and lower back. 

This means you literally would be a pile of bones and organs if you did not have these muscles! Altogether, they stabilize us and also allow us to move.

There is also a more uncommon core muscle group called peripheral core muscles. They include:

  • your hips,
  • shoulders,
  • and neck.

In other words, you can more or less consider everything from the knees up as your core muscles.

Read on, and I will tell you how improving, and training your core muscle can benefit even other parts of your body.

Core Muscle Strength Leads to Heart Health 

Improved heart anyone?

As you may already know, all exercise is great for your health – even your heart.

The fact is, your heart benefits a GREAT DEAL from exercise.

Core training impacts the largest muscle groups, and your heart just happens to be right in the middle of that. Therefore, your heart gets a great workout when you do the type of exercise that strengthens your core.

I suppose I do not need to tell you about the importance of having a healthy heart, do I?

Core Muscle Exercise Engages More Than Just the Core

I’ve always heard that you can’t have your cake – and eat it too.

That is NOT the case when it comes to core exercise.

When you do planks, squats, lift weights, run, or bike among hundreds of other exercises, you are actually engaging your entire body.

Yeah, really.

You are also benefiting your heart as well as many other organs due to strengthening the muscles around them – and working the muscles within them with every single pump of your arms and legs.

Core Strength Can Repair Degenerative Changes

If you have ever been told you have scoliosis, it can be quite terrifying. But scoliosis is actually just a curvature of the spine caused by a weak core. This phenomenon is often a result of aging, combined with a lack of proper training. The pelvis being out of alignment is what starts to cause scoliosis – as well as instability in the knees and the ankles being weakened.

By doing the correct exercises, you prevent such illness by maintaining a good posture and providing your spine with a solid muscle-fundament.

Hey. Even professionals need to take care of their core muscles:

Runners suffer many injuries while in great health because they do not focus enough on their core!

Core Strength Prevents Injury

Multiple studies have proven that strengthening your core decreases injury rates.

One study shows that core exercise allows for structural integrity when done properly. Bone density is at risk, especially for women as they age. Therefore, something as simple as core exercise can help manage – and even prevent injury and lifelong complications.

Core Strength Aids In Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery

Almost every woman that has been pregnant and given birth can agree to this bullet point:

  • A strong core aids in pregnancy.

As your back, abdominal wall, pelvis, and upper thighs are the only muscle supporting a growing child, keeping them strong when pregnant is essential.

There are several safe core-strengthening exercises you can do during pregnancy.

Especially the pelvic floor is a key core muscle that needs strength before, during, and after pregnancy.

Find out why training your deep core is an important part of postpartum for woman with diastasis recti abdominal.

Final Words: A Healthy Body Needs a Strong Core 

The sooner you start to engage in core exercise, the more beneficial it will be.

As we age, our bodies start to deteriorate at an increasingly rapid speed. We are at a higher risk of injury, which can eventually lead to falls in our late years of life.

We all want to be the healthy runner in our seventies, right?

Well, the key to achieving your goal – is STARTING NOW. 

It is easy to do if you start slow. Get a workout partner who can assist you during your workout routine – and help prevent injury. It is never too late to get healthy.

Want to learn how to do super-effective core strengthening training? Check out my strength building resource – LOADED with actionable fitness tips and hacks!

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