Science-Based Sit up Bench Benefits You Cannot Ignore

Do you consider a sit-up bench a one-trick pony?

In that case, you’re dead wrong! There are several science based sit up bench benefits – some more awesome than others.

Believe it or not, a sit-up bench is actually one of the most crucial exercise equipment to include in your home gym.

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It is an excellent tool to train your:

  • abdominal,
  • pelvic,
  • hips,
  • and lower back muscles.

However, some homes have limited space – and a sit up bench in the middle of your living room might not be all that tempting.

That’s where the foldable sit up bench comes to the rescue:

After use, fold it away and tuck it under your bed – problem solved!

There are myriad benefits of owning a folding sit up bench; read on to discover 4 of the reasons why you definitely should add one to your home gym:

What Are The Benefits of a Sit up Bench?

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Strengthens Your Muscles

It is an undeniable fact that regular exercise makes our muscles stronger, right?

There are numerous exercises you can perform on a foldable sit up bench to heat up your body muscles.

By doing moves like:

  • the Russian twist,
  • decline chest press,
  • crunches,
  • leg lifts,
  • back raise,
  • and push-ups,

you activate your erector spinae, oblique abdominal, pectoralis major, deltoids, latissimus dorsi, rectus abdominis, and transversus abdominis.

Yeah, I know. That’s a whole lot more than only the “six-pack”!

The common factor when working these groups of muscles is that they, in some way or another, strengthen your core and help in toning and tightening your abs as well.

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Decreases Your Risk of Injury

A fold away sit-up bench is a risk-free exercise regimen.

There are close to nil chances that you will get yourself injured when exercising on the equipment!

You can sit and lie on the bench comfortably -and without fear of wobbling about like branches in a storm.

Proper equipment comes with stable and padded support, letting you do your reps absolutely stress-free without the risk of tipping over.

And you know what?

You won’t hurt your back as you would if you were doing the same workout on an empty mat laid on some floor. The benches come with padded back support providing a comfortable surface to lie on.

While injuries resulting from “hardcore exercises” may get you into trouble, and you may not be able to work out for a while, a fold away sit-up bench ensures your safety and helps you meet your fitness goals.

Gives You Control Over The Workout

Do not neglect this feature:

Many foldable sit-up benches in the market today are adjustable. Providing several opportunities for different positions is one of the most valuable elements of the equipment.

The adjustable incline enables you to choose the angle that is most comfortable for your workout.

This allows you to control the amount of intensity needed for the exercise so that you won’t have to strain more than necessary.

A folding sit up bench gives you more than just doing sit ups and crunches on the floor.

Along with offering a wide range of different motions, the option to change the position of the bench will help you adjust the difficulty level of your exercise.

And as you already know: Added difficulty equals a tougher exercise and stronger muscle!

Burns Calories

Losing excess weight is one of the main reasons why a lot of people work out. Maybe it’s your main goal as well?

The fact is:

If used properly, a fold away sit-up bench can be a big contributor for you to realizing your weight loss goals.

By making use of the adjustable back, you can increase the effort your body needs to do the workout. As the exercise gets more intense, more fat will be burned to release more energy.

As a result:

You lose more weight and get fitter.

But be aware:

There is a point to remember, though – you need to get the right diet for weight loss. Otherwise, mere workout without proper food will get you nowhere!

Want to know how many calories are burned while doing sit-ups? Check out this calculator and start doing those workouts!

How to do Incline Sit ups Using a Sit up Bench

Final Words: The Sit up Bench Benefits is Massive!

To sum it up:

Having a fold away sit-up bench in your home gym is definitely an excellent way to give your core muscles and abs a full workout.

And in addition to taking care of your abs and core, the sit-up bench also provides you with a lot of exercises challenging everywhere from your thighs and back to your chest and shoulders.

As your lower back and feet are supported throughout the exercise, you will have a comfortable, safe – yet efficient at-home strength building workout.

And the best part:

Even if you don’t have considerable space for training, you can still reap its benefits!

By the way:

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See you there!

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