Will TRX Build Muscle? The Results May Surprise You!

Will TRX build muscle? Or is it just another one of those hyped mediocre workout equipment created to steal your money?

Well, the science is clear. And the results of using suspension trainers are also well documented.

Read on and find out:

Will you gain muscle mass and strength from using the TRX..? The answer might surprise you!

What is TRX… And Why is it So Popular?

Not completely sure what TRX is all about?

TRX is an abbreviation for Total Body Resistance Exercise. It’s a technique that uses a combination of suspended straps, gravity, and your body weight to create an exercise routine that engages your entire body through every exercise you do.

And if that’s not enough, suspension training can be used for both cardio and strength workouts. And as a matter of fact, TRX is proven to get the job done just as well as traditional weight-lifting or cardio exercises.

TRX is beginning to have somewhat of a cult following. Similar to the rise in popularity of CrossFit, TRX’s spike in popularity can be accredited to several factors:

  • portable equipment (which means more outdoor workouts),
  • an easily-digestible structure (consisting of 7 core movements),
  • and full-body engagement (so no matter what you work on, your core is always activated).

Although TRX came out on top of my best suspension trainer for the money reviews, there are several other superb brands available as well.

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Is TRX Really Effective?

While there is some debate over whether or not TRX is the next best thing, its effectiveness is generally agreed upon. Several independent studies have proven that TRX is just as effective as traditional exercise routines. Even though the evidence shows that TRX works, there are still some people who don’t want to believe it…

What’s so Great About TRX?

As with anything, there are pros and cons to TRX also. Here are some of the benefits:

With traditional exercise machines or weight-lifting regimens, neglecting muscles can become a common problem for inexperienced or undereducated fitness beginners. Once someone finds their favorite machine or exercise, a lack of variety could result in targeting specific muscles while neglecting others.

The full-body benefits of TRX exercises mean that your core will always be engaged in any exercise. Using more muscle groups means that it’s hard to neglect muscles with suspension trainers— resulting in a well-rounded routine.

There’s more, though.

Here’s another fun aspect of TRX: the suspension straps can go almost anywhere. Really!

  • Attach them to a tree in the forest,
  • a building in the city,
  • the doorway of your home,
  • or even playground equipment.

The versatility of suspension training makes it an excellent option for fitness explorers.

What Are the Downsides to TRX?

So, what’s the catch then?

Some specialists worry that beginners with weak muscles could cause themselves an injury if they’re not careful. While their concern is legitimate, the same could be said of weightlifting: beginners with low strength should start small – and build their way up.

“Some sports scientists have expressed concern that weaker individuals may not have the core stability or joint integrity to use the system safely and effectively.”

Reference: wikipedia.org Suspension training

Another concern that some nay-sayers have is that building muscle with TRX is a slower process. This is up for debate – but think about it for a second: With weights, you can keep increasing the pressure almost indefinitely. With TRX, your body weight limits you.


Well, not necessarily… If you find that your TRX workout needs to be brought up a notch, you could always wear body weights. Weighted vests or ankle weights could easily help you avoid this potential issue. Or why not a backpack loaded with books or water bottles?

Once you try suspension training, though, you’ll see that the exercises work your body adequately, and your strength curve will point nicely upwards. Guaranteed!

What Can TRX Do for Men?

Still wondering what TRX can do for you? If you are a man like me, check this out:

TRX is proven to increase power, strength, and range of movement. Hey, it is even great for injury prevention!

Training with TRX can help you jump higher, improve your athletic performance, and build muscle. So, if you’re looking for a new, fun exercise routine to help you achieve your goals, TRX might be worth a try. The suspended straps create instability, forcing you to rely on full-body activation – stimulating your muscles to grow stronger.


If you have goals to become lean, burn body fat, build muscle, develop endurance, or increase mobility and flexibility, TRX can do all that and more. In fact, TRX claims that their suspension training creates a “what the hell?” effect in their users through improving movement quality and developing the body in a way that is difficult to put into words.

I have experienced that effect myself – it really is amazing how suspension training influences your body in a positive way!

Many professional athletes and military professionals back the TRX system. For men who want to build muscle and increase strength, the system can be a great new method to spice up any exercise routine. Whether TRX is used to fully replace an exercise regimen or to supplement an existing traditional routine, it can seriously help you get gains.

What TRX Do for Women?

The benefits of TRX are generally the same across the board for men and women alike. Increasing overall fitness with TRX, which includes slimming down or buffing up, will improve strength, endurance, mobility, and flexibility for women.

Personal trainer, model, and former Olympic medalist Kim Glass knows the benefits of TRX—for athletes at the top of their game or in recovery. She loves recommending TRX to her clients, especially ones who travel often for work. The portability of the system makes it convenient and versatile.

For women who want to create or maintain the physique of an Olympic athlete, suspension training is a sure-fire way to do just that. TRX enables women of all body types to meet their goals head-on, and overall physical health is known to increase a sense of well-being and support good mental health.

How Many Days a Week Should You do TRX?

Do suspension training just as often as you do your regular gym workouts. Look at suspension training the same way as you look at weight lifting. If you do suspension training one or two days a week and you lift weights four times a week – fine! If you do one day of weight lifting and four days suspension training, that is fine as well!

Suspension training can be a fantastic supplement to an existing routine, and it can also be great as a stand-alone workout. Here are a few of the hundreds of suspension training exercises you will be able to do using only a suspension trainer. As you can see, there are more than enough exercises for a superb full-body workout!

Incorporate it into your workout regimen as you see fit – but when you use it, push yourself! The important thing is that you are physically active.

Final Words: Will TRX Build Muscle? Absolutely!

Either you use suspension training as a supplement to your regular workout routine, or you use it as your primary exercise equipment – suspension training will help you build muscle.

I use my suspension trainer regularly and find suspension training workouts very helpful. It is excellent for muscle growth, coordination, and balance. Either I do push-ups or work my shoulder blades – TRX training engages my core, strengthening a part of my body other kinds of exercise often neglect.

If you are uncertain if suspension training is your cup of tea, why don’t you give it a shot? Although TRX bands are the most known brand there are also other more affordable models available. Actually, you can even make one yourself spending no more than 6 dollars! Here’s the best DIY suspension trainer, an excellent beginner model to have you starting out with TRX training!

Want to learn more about simple – yet effective workouts? Check out my popular at-home strength-building archive – LOADED with actionable fitness stuff!

See you there!

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