Best Power Towers – 2017 Reviews and Top Picks

Best Power Towers And Top Picks

Looking for the best power towers around the block?

I’ve got you covered!

After looking at dozens of different power towers I have ended up with a handful few worthy of my recommendation.

In addition, I have added a buyers guide and a FAQ section to hold your hand trough your decision process…

Ok, lets have a quick look at the reviewed power towers:

2017’s Reviews of The Best Power Towers

In this section we’ll take a closer look at the different power towers. What are their strengths? And what are their weaknesses?

Lets find out!

Weider Power Tower – Most Bang For The Bucks

Weider Best Power Towers For The Money

Weider are one of the more known brands in the home exercise equipment scene. In their power tower they have combined an intriguing price with excellent build quality and features found in power towers twice the price!

Manufactured ICON Health & Fitness, the Weider brand have been among the most trusted names in the world of fitness for the last 25 years or so. When buying a piece of equipment which brand stems from Arnold Schwarzeneggers coach Joe Weider, – you know it’s the shi*.

The features:

  • Assembly size; 57L x 41W x 84H inches.
  • Weight; about 86 lbs.
  • 300 lbs maximum user weight.
  • Pull up station with padded grips
  • Push up station with padded grips
  • Dip station with padded grips
  • Vertical knee raise station with cushioned arm rests and padded grips.
  • Comfortable vinyl cushion for back
  • Built from durable steel tubing

Looking at the affordable price in relation to the features, it’s a no-brainer handing the weider power tower the “most bang for the bucks” award. Don’t get me wrong, you will not get a gym quality 1000$ piece of equipment… But you will get just what you need if your looking for a power tower to use at home!

  • Provides Good Value
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Durable Material
  • Comes With a Warrany
  • Trusted Brand
  • Tools for assembly not part of bundle (mallet, wrench and screwdriver)
  • No Height Adjustment
  • Not suited for smaller individual (5″ and under)

Stamina 1690 Power Tower – Best Power Tower Under 100$

Stamina 1690 Best Power Tower Under 100$

If you are looking for a power tower but do not want to cross the 100$ mark, this is your obvious choice!

Stamina 1690 Power Tower is an affordable, yet functional and solid piece of equipment. Stamina have been around since 1987, bringing excellent value and smart solutions in their home exercise equipment.

The features:

  • Assembly size; 50Wx 41,5D x 81,5H inches.
  • Weight; about 54 lbs.
  • 250 lbs maximum user weight.
  • Built from solid steel
  • Foam padded push up grips
  • Foam padded pull up grips
  • Foam padded sit up station
  • Foam padded dips grips
  • Non slip end caps

The Stamina power tower offers a far range of the same opportunities as more expensive equipment, but of course it also have to neglect some features to keep the price low… To name some, the equipment only holds 250 lbs and also misses the back cushion and arm rest the more expensive brands carry. But if you do not care about these minor shortcomings this is definitely the right power tower for you!

Based on this, the Stamina 1690 power tower is awarded ” Best Power Tower Under 100$ ” award!

  • Very nicely priced
  • Made from solid steel
  • Small foot print
  • Comes With a Warrany
  • Very happy customers!
  • Missing back support and arm rest
  • Max 250 lbs user weight
  • Not as “fancy” as more expensive models

Fitness Reality X Class Multi Function Power Tower – Best Premium Power Tower

Fitness Reality X Class Best Premium Power Tower

If you’ve got space, and a tight budget is not a problem, – well the Fitness Reality X Class Power Tower should be your choice.

Packed with features and a construction solid as commercial grade Power Towers, you’ll get the feel like your at “Golds Gym” within your own home… Bringing a whole range of adjustment opportunities and mounting positions this heavy priced steel construction competes in a league of it’s own!

The features:

  • Assembly size; 63,4Lx 49W x 83H inches.
  • Weight; about 150 lbs.
  • 400 lbs maximum user weight.
  • Angled ergonomically designed forarm and back cushins
  • Adjustable handle bars with foam rollers (7 different positions)
  • Multiple grip positions
  • Made from heavy duty steel tube
  • Adjustable stability beam
  • Step support for easy access
  • Opportunity for floor mounting
  • All grips covered with foam for better grip

As I have already mentioned, this power tower from Fitness Reality stands out among the rest of the reviewed power towers. Due to added adjustment possibilities you suddenly open the doors to a new range of exercises. It’s also in it’s own class when it comes to build quality having giving you that all good “at the gym feel”.

But it all comes at it’s cost. Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity Multi Function Power Tower sells for twice the price as others of the reviewed equipment, – which is acceptable when you look at the features.

Anyways, there is no doubt: Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity Multi Function Power Tower runs of with the title; ” Best Premium Power Tower “. Well deserved!

  • Several adjustment opportunities
  • Extremly solid and sturdy
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 400 lbs max user weight
  • Comes With a Warranty
  • Commercial grade feel
  • A Bit Pricy
  • BIG

Body Champ VKR1010 Fitness Multi function Power Tower – Editors Choice

Body Champ VKR1010 Power Tower Editors Top Choice

Then it’s time for my favorite among the four… Don’t get me wrong, if I had 500 bucks and did not care about the price, the Fitness Reality power tower would be my choice.

Well, but in a review like this, price DOES matter. Taking this in to consideration the Body Champ VKR Power Tower is my preferred option.

Body Champ has been in the exercise equipment business since 1993, offering a large variety of equipment.

In the VKR1010 Power Tower, Body Champ delivers a well built product which includes all the fitness expected from a quality power tower. Comfy grips, cushioned back and fore arm rests – all packed in a solid heavy-duty steel frame.

And on top of the nice features, the price is far from frightening as well!

Lets take a closer look at the features:

  • Assembly size; 58,5Lx 46,5W x 83H inches.
  • Weight; about 88 lbs.
  • Heavy duty cushions for back and fore arms
  • Solid steel D-frame
  • Protective feet to prevent damages to floor
  • Non-slip handles with grip

There is a lot of similarity between the Weider Power Tower and the Body Champ. What makes the difference among the two is the added balance the Body Champ tower brings due to the curved feet.

When buying a VKR1010 Power Tower, you can rest assured that you will get a quality product built to last!

  • Excellent value
  • Nice Build quality
  • Good grips and cushins
  • Steel D-frame
  • Happy customers!
  • Not suited for smaller individual (5″ and under)
  • No height adjustment

Reviews and Comparisons Of The Best Power Towers

The Benefits Of Using a Power Tower

Suited Both Beginners and Seasoned Trainers

Either you’re a complete beginner in the world or fitness, or you’re the next mr. Olympia – a power tower will get the job done.

Newbies should get a basic tower, while 250 lbs bulls should go for a more commercial gradeish tower with capacity to carry both bodyweight and an additional weighted vest.

If your’re struggling doing pull ups, follow this beginner pull up program and you’ll be doing your first pull ups in no time!

Uses Your Bodyweight as Resistance

Power Tower Workout

When utilizing your bodyweight as resistance you will build real, functional strength.

Don’t get me wrong, going to the gym and pumping iron will sure as he** get you strong. -But you will not get the same kind of strength as with calisthenics…

Using a power tower and your body weight all your muscles will get a piece of action. Not only the targeted muscle will be working, -but your core and a whole lot of secondary supportive muscles as well.

I personally stopped lifting weights 6 years ago to only focus on functional training. And to be honest, I have never been stronger!

Relatively Low One Time Investment

While a gym membership costs 50$ a month, you can get a perfectly fine power tower for as little as 100$…

Yeah, that’s the same price as two months of gym-going!

Supports Multiple Exercises

A power tower is truly a multi functional piece of exercise equipment:

  • Pull-ups
  • Chin-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Leg Raises
  • Dips

The power tower got your back!

Pro tip! Combine the power tower with a suspension trainer and resistance bands to unlock the door to a whole new world of exercise opportunities.

Buyers Guide To Purchasing a Power Tower

Things To Consider Before Getting a Power Tower

Your Body Size

In some contexts they say size don’t matter…

But you know what?

In the power tower context it does matter!

Be sure to get a power tower that fits your size and that can carry your load. No point in getting a 7 feet tall tower if you’re only 5 feet your self… Your tower should be both tall enough and be of a with that fits your arms range.

With regards to weight capacity buying a tower with a stated maximum user weight of 200 pounds will be a bad fit if you’re a 250 pound gorilla.

The Size of Your Wallet

Some of the power towers are pretty darn costly, while others are the opposite

Of course, the quality of these towers will be different -but that does not mean the less expensive is a bad piece of equipment.

Make sure you conciser the cost/ benefit – get a tower that matches your wallet and your needs! Some of the models like the Stamina 1690 Power Tower are both affordable and more than good enough for most home exercisers!

Where are you Going to Place the Power Tower?

The different power towers leave different foot-prints.

Before you splash the cash, consider the space you’ve got available. Some of the power towers are pretty massive while other are kind of petite…

Measure height, with and depth of the area you plan to use as muscle building zone. Make a plan and ensure the power tower fits like hand in glove!

Are you a Beginner or “Pro”?

Do you really need that fancy ” best premium power tower “, or will you be ok with the ” best power tower under 100$ “?

Get a power tower that matches your fitness level – and planned future fitness level. If you do not have the genes to become a 250 pounds gorilla you don’t need a max user weight of 400 pounds.

As mentioned earlier, be sure the tower matches your wallet – and your fitness level!

Which Exercises are you Planning to do?

Power Tower Exercise Equipment Features

Some power towers come with a lot of features some others don’t…

If your planning to do ” the captains chair ” and ” leg raises ” it might be cool to have both a back cushion and comfortable fore arm rests. If your planning to do row exercises, get yourself a tower with an adjustable bar.

If you want to incorporate a suspension trainer to your exercise regime it would be beneficial to have a power tower with the oppertuninty to mount to the floor.

Thoroughly consider how you want to use the equipment, -and make sure you get one that matches your needs!

Power Tower FAQ

Are Power Towers any Good?

Well, it depends on how you use it…

If you do pull ups, push ups, dips and chin ups you can build a serious amount of muscles! Sure, you can do all of these exercises without using a power tower, – but using one sure as hell makes it both more practical and fun!

Can I use a Workout Station for Muscle ups?

Then you better have a damn solid one!

Most power towers might be a bit too wobbly to do muscle ups, -at least the under 300$ ones…

Muscle ups will cause a lot of movement and will have most power towers shaking as you’re throwing yourself to the top. Some of the available models though is delivered with both bolts and holes for floor mounting. These will stay solid as mountain, even if your doing the most intense muscles up possible!

Can I get Injured While Using a Pull Up Tower?

Sorry, but the answer is YES!

But that goes for all exercise equipment… Or wait, that goes even for going down the stair in the morning – or washing your hair in the shower!

Every activity that involves some kind of movement will inflict some kind of risk with regards to injury.

But are the pull up tower more dangerous than other exercise equipment?


As you utilize your bodyweight as resistance there are no 300 pound weights to accidental tip over you.

What Exercises Can I do With a Exercise Tower?

Sturdy Power Tower Home Gym

A lot…

Push ups, check!

Pull ups, hell yeah!

Dips, yes!

Knee rises, you got it!

Chin ups, sure!

And the list goes on…

If you combine the power tower with a suspension trainer you suddenly have a complete home gym with 100’s of exercise opportunities!

Can I Use a Weighted Vest With a Home Power Station?

That depends…

If you plan on using a weighted west when doing your pull ups or dips be sure to get a tower that manages the load. The different towers all have different specifications. Some will have a maximum user weight of 250 pounds, while others will have 500 pounds…

Beginner Power Tower Workout

Final Words – Power Towers Are a Good Investment

Still not sure if a power tower is for you?

Well, I understand…

a Power tower is a pretty big piece of equipment, and if you do not feel you have enough space for it you should not get one.

But if you have the space, and if you’re serious about building muscle at home, – investing in a power tower is absolutely worth every penny!

What do you think? Have I neglected a power tower that should be part of the list? What do you think is the best power towers available at the market? Which do you think is the best power tower for home use? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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