Mummy Strength Bands Reviews: 2023 Edition

Do you want to know if the Mummy Strength bands live up to the recent hype?

Are you looking for a resistance band to help you with your pull-ups – or are you searching to replace those bulky dumbbells?

Either way – this review will take a closer look at one of the top ten band-brands available today. Although the Mummy Strength Bands did not make it all the way to my best resistance bands for pull-ups reviews, it is still an option worth considering.

Read on and discover why:

2022 Mummy Strength Bands Reviews


Either you are into powerlifting or just need help to do your pull-ups – MummyStrength bands will be a good fit for you.

Due to the heavy-duty material used to manufacture the bands, they are reliable for just about any workout you can imagine. Still, after thousands of stretch/ release cycles, the bands will still keep its elasticity and shape.

Hey, have you never used a resistance band before?

No problem:

The MummyStrength bands come with a beginner guide with 11 toning workouts and 9 warm-up workouts. Pretty nice or what? Mix these with the exercises shown in my resistance band workout guide and you are all set to go!

With varying resistance levels that range from 5 to 175 pounds – you can be sure to find a band suited to your needs. Use a 5 lbs band for front shoulder raises and a 175 lbs band for squats. Or maybe a 50 lbs band to give those pull-ups a helping hand? You need it, MummyStrength got it!

Oh, I almost forgot the best part:

MummyStrength is so confident that their product is above great that they offer a crazy 30-day money-back guarantee. Don’t like the product? Ship it back and get your money refunded!

But what if the 30 days pass, and suddenly your band breaks? First off – it will not break… But if it for some reason gets damaged during use – MummyStrength also offers product replacement for life (2x crazy)! It doesn’t get better than that?

Considering the price and the 30-day money-back offer – trying out a couple of these bands is a no-brainer.

Notable Features of the MummyStrength Resistance Bands:

Multifunctional Resistance Bands

There are NO limits to the usage of these resistance bands:

Either you are into powerlifting, strength workouts, and even toning workouts – the bands are effective, comfortable, and safe to use.

Or why not use the resistance to help lift your body during pull-ups? The MummyStrength bands have you covered!