What is The Best Suspension Trainer With a Pulley? My 2022 Top Pick

Finding the best suspension trainer with a pulley was actually as easy as stealing candy from a child…

Although there are tons of suspension straps like the NOSSK and TRX on the market, there is only one “real” pulley trainer system… The pulley trainer from CrossCore is your go-to home fitness equipment if you want an easy to use, and versatile system for your full-body calisthenics workouts.

Read on to discover exactly why I LOVE this amazing product.

CrossCore Suspension Trainer Home Kit Bundle | at-Home 360 Rotational Pulley Bodyweight Training
  • Lightweight aluminum commercial-grade pulley housing
  • Easier locking and unlocking of pulley wheel
  • Increased main rope diameter

CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight Training System: The Best Suspension Trainer With a Pulley


CrossCore® holds the patent in incorporating a pulley in suspension trainers.

To show other brands what their revolutionary technology has brought to the table, they unleashed the feature-filled, high-quality beast of a product called the Rotational Bodyweight System.

The CrossCore Rotational Bodyweight System features a pulley that enables rotational bodyweight training which ordinary trainers fail to provide. A magnetic pin lock can be inserted into the pulley to prevent it from rotating, allowing you to use it for exercises requiring a more stable suspension; lifting the pin will allow the pulley to rotate again.

This feature alone already shows how versatile the product is.

This suspension trainer can be latched to pull-up bars, wood beams, and tree trunks or branches using its adjustable straps. It has a mounting height of 7ft to 11ft which makes it the perfect equipment for gyms, studios, or homes with a high ceiling.

The equipment weighs 4lbs and can carry a maximum load of 1,200lbs.

CrossCore offers a 2-year warranty on the pulley and a 1-year warranty on the other parts of the trainer.

Aside from the rotating trainer, the package includes:

  • Door anchor
  • Wall/ceiling anchor
  • Adjustable handles to allow arms and feet to be inserted
  • Training manual and DVD
  • Carry bag made of canvas

The pulley system continues to work wonders for many owners of this product. CrossCore clearly made its point in showcasing the wide variety of exercises its product can handle compared to ordinary suspension training systems.

The Rotational Bodyweight System is also easy to set up despite how heavy it weighs. Its weight can be associated instead with the heavy-duty materials used in constructing the equipment. Since it’s heavy-duty, it works great for intensive sets.

With all its features, especially the pulley, this product is clearly one of the best choices among the different suspension trainer systems.


  • Option to let the pulley rotate or remain static
  • Handles are adjustable
  • High load capacity
  • Made of heavy-duty materials


  • A little pricey compared to similar products
  • Quite heavy to carry around

“The best rotational bodyweight training system is delivered by CrossCore. This should be your obvious choice if you are looking for a rotational suspension trainer”.


The Alternatives

There are not that many pulley trainer systems available – although the market is FLOODED with regular suspension training straps like the NOSSK and TRX…

The only real pulley trainer contender is the RECOIL S2 Gym. This is also an excellent product, although the CrossCore is my personal favorite.

If you want a trainer without the pulley system, some of the top trainers are:

  • TRX
  • JungleGym

Check out my best suspension trainer for the money reviews for the top choices in several categories.

Final Words: Should I Own a Pulley Trainer?

If you are into home exercise and want a piece of workout equipment to easily increase your fitness level – the CrossCore pulley trainer is a perfect choice.

Attach it to a door, make an anchor point on a wall – or attach it to a pull-up bar. There are tons of ways to mount the strap at your home!

When you are ready to go, you will be able to do full-body workouts using your body weight as resistance. The variety this device brings to your workout justifies the price itself!

Want to check out other options?

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See you there.

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