Do Resistance Bands Work? Here’s 7 Amazing Resistance Band Benefits

Do resistance bands work? Or is it just another hype created by the fitness industry to squeeze out some extra consumer cash?

It’s hard to believe that some rubber bands can build solid “guns” the same way as dumbbells.

But you know what?

They really can!

Adding resistance band training to your routine will diversify your training keeping your muscle from getting too comfortable with the way you challenge them.

If you’re not already convinced, -read on and learn how resistance bands work, and why YOU should use them to complement your existing exercise program!

What Are Resistance Bands? And What do They do?

In simple terms, a resistance band is a band made of elastic rubber and is primarily used for strength training.

They are:

  • Light,
  • practical
  • and effective!

Used to increase body strength, these rubber bands were earlier used commonly in physical therapy, -especially for people suffering from muscular injuries.

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Originally made from surgical tubes, at the beginning of the 20th-century resistance bands were used for workouts developed for muscle rehabilitation.

Nowadays tho, they have become a standard for general fitness and strength training.

Resistance bands come in a wide variety of lengths, types, and tensions. Typically the bands are coded by a unique color that indicates different levels of resistance, and the user can select the correct band according to their needs.

The tension offered by elastic bands can range anywhere from 15 lbs. to over 300lbs! That is pretty darn hefty for a piece of rubber!

“Exercises using resistance bands will feel different from exercises using free weights because there is no gravity involved with resistance bands. There should always be tension on the band, so your muscles are always working.”

Reference: – How to Get Started – Resistance Bands

Why Should I Use Resistance Bands? Do Resistance Bands Work?

Like weight machines or free weights, resistance bands offer a force against which your muscles work.

This process causes the muscles to contract and stimulates muscle and bone growth.

The band brings all four major properties that are critical for any form of resistance training program:

  1. Resistance. Duh!
  2. A free range of motion.
  3. You can exercise at variable speeds.
  4. Allows progressive resistance.

The possibilities of training are endless with resistance bands.

Not only does it enable you to move freely, but it also helps you achieve a greater range of motion. This allows access to resistance from all directions: – side, overhead, under, forward, backward, etc.

As a matter of fact, doctors recommend the use of resistance bands as one of the safest methods to increase muscle strength and avoid physical damage like osteoporosis.

“There are indications that elastic resistance training involves lower joint forces and joint moments for the same levels of muscle activity, which may indicate that greater stimulus can be delivered to the muscle for lower risk of injury or damage.”


The free movement offered by the resistance bands has a higher potential than free weights because of its use to mimic more functional movement patterns involving both everyday and sport-specific activities.

That’s right, sport-specific activities:

You can practice and improve both golf and tennis in the comfort of your home!

The fact is:

With resistance bands, you can do just about all types of muscle building heavy-duty exercises there is;

And the list goes on……………………………….

Gone are the days to worry about missing out on the gym. You can do all those heavy exercises at the comfort of your home: -whenever you feel like it.

Put the kids to bed, get your exercise bands out of the drawer, and hit those muscles as if there is no tomorrow!

So, to answer the question: Do resistance bands work? The answer is H*** yeah


The Different Types Of Resistance Bands

There are several different resistance exercise bands on the market. All with their own specialties.

Presented is a list of the different types with a short description of their area of use:

Therapy Bands

These are bands that have no handles and are primarily used for rehabilitation purposes.

Will not apply heavy resistance.

Flat Resistance Exercise Bands

Flat bands are used by both weightlifters, fitness geeks, and cross-fit athletes all over the globe!

These are made of 2mtr looped durable rubber and can apply resistance up to 300lbs…

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Now we’re talking!

Having a set of these in your home exercise equipment arsenal will surely allow you to build some serious beef in your living room.

These are your nr1 choice if heavy muscle building is your goal.

Check out Scooby talking about flat resistance bands: Resistance Bands are for real men!

Resistance Tubes

The most common type of exercise band.

Consists of rubber tubes with a plastic handle attached to each end.

Can be utilized for toning and conditioning of the full body.

Excellent for shoulder and arm exercises.

Fit Loop Band

Continuous flat loop band primarily targeting the lower body.

Typically these bends will range from 25″-30″.

Perfect for working out your thighs, hamstrings, arms, hips, and more

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Figure 8 Band

A small band in the shape of an 8 is used for strengthening your upper body muscles.

Build those biceps!

Lateral band

A band with velcro ankle cuffs attached to it.

It is used for training your legs.

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Resistance Bands

Resistance Band Advantages

Let start by looking at the vast number of benefits offered by exercise bands.

They Are Dead Cheap

Resistance bands are made up of rubber, which is an inexpensive material. They are
readily available and can be bought for under 10 bucks!

Extensive kits consisting of more than one type of band and a couple of DVDs can cost you a mere 30 bucks extra, -bringing you to a total of 40$.

That’s a “real steal”!

Resistance Bands Are Easily Adaptable To Multiple Levels Of Fitness

Resistance bands are perfectly suited for both beginners and advanced-level fitness enthusiasts.

Varying from light, medium, and heavy, -the light bands have less resistance and are more stretchable, whereas the heavier version offers a hard to stretch resistance.

You can customize the tension by shortening or lengthening or doubling the band.

Challenges Your Muscles Trough The Whole Motion

While lifting weights, gravity plays a huge role. Resistance is generated while lifting the weight against gravity, -whereas in the case of resistance bands, the resistance is constant as you’re working against the rubber force.

Your muscles will work through every centimeter of your movement!

“unlike weights, resistance bands creates constant tension throughout a movement, recruiting more muscle fibers and accelerating growth”

Reference: – Your Secret Weapon for Bigger Muscles

That makes every single movement super-effective as the resistance will be constant from start to finish.

Resistance Bands Are Convenient

Resistance band takes virtually no space!

They can be folded and stored anywhere taking little space. Perfect if you do not have considerable space for training equipment at home.

Are you going to the Bahamas? Put some bands in your suitcase and make sure your body gets the exercise it deserves even when you’re on vacation!

Resistance Band Exercise Workouts Your Whole Body

Resistance bands offer a complete, full-body workout that affects every muscle in your body – thus providing you with all the benefits of gym equipment.

You can use bands for all kinds of exercises. Just replace your clunky weights with the bands and all the exercises you already know can be performed in the same manner.


You Can Take Them With You Literally Everywhere

I know.

I already said that they are convenient and travel-friendly.

But you know what? This is actually an advantage worth its own chapter…

Never will you have to miss out on exercise while you are traveling.

Resistance bands are the perfect solution for people who travel and find it hard to hit the gym!

Resistance Bands Are Home Friendly

Since this blog is all about encouraging people to work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle, I put great emphasis on equipment that can be put to use at home – and simultaneously is safe.

Resistance bands are both safe and super-home-friendly!

Unlike weight machines, you will not require someone to assist you when lifting heavy. You do not need to be afraid to lose some heavy steel stuff to the floor.

It’s just you, your rubber band, and your muscles working hard as h***.

“Resistance bands may seem like a less-than-ideal workout for those with more advanced fitness levels, but you might be surprised. These bands can challenge even the most fit, as long as you choose the right bands and use them correctly.”

Resource: – Exercise Bands & Tubes for Strength

Simple, Safe & Effective!

So, What Are The Disadvantages Of Resistance Bands Then?

Though there are not many disadvantages related to resistance bands, the only concerning problem with resistance bands is to find a stable surface that is strong enough to sustain body weight.

But this shouldn’t be the biggest problem for most people I assume?

And of course. Resistance bands are made of rubber:

Don’t let them snap!


Final Words: Resistance Bands Work, Period!

Not only are the resistance bands a brilliant piece of art -but they are essential for both beginners and people already following a severe workout schedule.

They diversify your training and provide you with the ability to modify and make super variations of your workouts.

They are:

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Super-effective
  • Lightweight
  • Safe
  • Gives great variance in resistance

Resistance bands are a perfect fit for home trainers, granting you all the benefits of a gym. – At a remarkable low price!

So – if you are just starting out and want to build the muscle strength required to perform advanced forms of exercises, get yourself some of those colorful stretch bands and get to it!

Want to read more about building strength? Check out my LARGE selection of at-home strength training articles -LOADED with hacks, tips, and workouts!

See you there.

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