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I’m Erik Larsen, the creator, and owner of If you are an active person, but do not like going to the gym – or you simply do not have sufficient time to go, I’ve got you covered!

I believe that by using smart, time-efficient exercises, you can achieve the same results working out from your own home as at the crowded gym…

I have been teaching hundreds of people my methods, helping them reach their exercise goals by only using their bodyweight and affordable home exercise equipment. My mantra is simple: Be motivated, be dedicated, and be effective! Sprinkle in the correct exercises, and you have got all the tools you need – either your goal is to build lean muscle or burn that fat!

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I Know How You Feel

I know how you feel… I used to go to the gym 7-days a week – that was until family life and a full-time job took my time for ransom. Commitments at home, responsibilities at work, and obligations in the community.

When are we supposed to get our daily dose of exercise?

My savior:

Bodyweight exercises, and super-effective science-backed workouts – engineered to give you the best results possible in a limited amount of time!

Now, I do all my workouts at home – and I have NEVER been fitter!

How Can I Help You?

In the last seven years, I have spent endless amounts of hours establishing my expertise in “the art of home fitness”. I’ll teach and show you:

  • Exercise How to’s,
  • Workout Routines,
  • Motivational Hacks,
  • Exercise Equipment That Actually Works,
  • Fat Melting Methods,
  • And The Secrets of Effective Muscle Building!

The covers it all. Everything is nicely categorized for easy and intuitive access.

Here are some of my most popular content:

Some of My Most Popular Posts

My Favorite Home Exercise Equipment

As you must have understood by now, I really enjoy bodyweight exercises – aka calisthenics.

But while you can do workouts using only your bodyweight, you can add to its effectiveness by incorporating a few simple pieces of exercise equipment.

I have reviewed my must-have accessories to make sure you get the ones most suited to your individual needs:

Kick Start Your Day Like Me: Morning WOOD

If you have been following the fitness world for the last ten years, you have probably noticed the rise of Crossfit. A well-established term within the Crossfit scene is the “workout of the day” aka WOOD.

Starting the day off with a 10-minute high-intensive WOOD will supercharge your body and will effectively make you ready for the day to come!

I have a simple system in place where I draw three cards from my exercise card deck and do as many repetitions as I possibly can manage within 10 minutes.

It’s a fantastic way to start the day; I highly recommend you implement it too!

Here’s the deck I use and recommend:

NewMe Fitness Bodyweight Workout Cards, Instructional Fitness Deck for Women & Men, Beginner Fitness Guide to Training Exercises at Home or Gym (Bodyweight, Vol 1)
  • Full Set - This complete fitness deck includes 50...
  • Easy to Follow - All of our exercise cards come with...
  • Sturdy - Unlike paper cards, our fitness cards are made...

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