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I’m Erik Larsen, the creator and owner of hometraininghero.com. If you are an active person, but do not like going to the gym -or you simply do not have sufficient time to go, I’ve got you covered!

I believe that by using smart, time-efficient exercises, you can achieve  the same results working out from your own home as at the crowded gym…

I have been teaching dozens of people my methods, helping them reach their exercise goals by only using their bodyweight and affordable home exercise equipment. My mantra is simple: Be motivated, be dedicated, and be effective! Sprinkle in the correct exercises, and you have got all the tools you need – either your goal is to build lean muscle or burn that fat!

I Know How You Feel

I know how you feel… I used to go to the gym 7-days a week – that was until family life and a full-time job took my time for ransom. Commitments at home, responsibilities at work, obligations in the community.

When are we supposed to get our daily dose of exercise?

My savior:

Bodyweight exercises, and super-effective science-backed workouts – engineered to give you the best results possible in a limited amount of time!

Now, I do all my workouts at home – and I have NEVER been fitter!

How Can I Help You?

In the last seven years, I have used endless amounts of hours establishing my expertise within “the art of home fitness”. I’ll teach and show you:

  • Exercise How to’s,
  • Workout Routines,
  • Motivational Hacks,
  • Exercise Equipment That Actually Works,
  • Fat Melting Methods,
  • And The Secrets of Effective Muscle Building!

The hometraininghero.com covers it all. Everything nicely categorized for easy and intuitive access.

Here are some of my most popular content:

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My Favorite Home Exercise Equipment

As you must have understood by now, I really enjoy bodyweight exercises – aka calisthenics.

But while you can do workouts using only your bodyweight, you can add to it’s effectiveness by incorporating a few simple pieces of exercise equipment.

I have reviewed my must-have accessories to make sure you get the ones most suited your individual needs:

Kick Start Your Day Like me: Morning WOOD

If you have been following along the fitness world the last ten years, you have probably noticed the rise of Crossfit… A well-established term within the Crossfit scene is the “workout of the day” aka WOOD.

Starting the day off with a 10-minute high intensive WOOD will supercharge your body and will effectively make you ready for the day to come!

I have a simple system in place where I draw three cards from my exercise card deck and do as many repetitions as I possibly can manage within 10 minutes.

It’s a fantastic way to start the day; I highly recommend you implement it too!

Here’s the deck I use and recommend:

NewMe Fitness Bodyweight Exercise Cards-Fitness Routine Cards-Home Workout Body Weight Exercise Cards- Instructional Workout Cards- Beginner to Advanced- Volume 1
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NewMe Fitness Bodyweight Exercise Cards-Fitness Routine Cards-Home Workout Body Weight Exercise Cards- Instructional Workout Cards- Beginner to Advanced- Volume 1
  • Contains 50 Effective Exercises; Target Your Core, Abs,...
  • Easy to Use; Just Look at the Images and You Will Know...
  • Transform Your Body: Build Muscle. Burn Calories. Tone...

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I give you this to make sure you have got all the necessary tools in your backpack so that you start in a safe and correct matter.

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Thank You For Visiting My Site

I’m here for you to both guide you and being your friend.

If I have helped you, I want to hear it! If You do not find the stuff you are looking for, tell me! I want the hometraininghero experience to be everything you have been looking for. I want us to have success together, you by reaching your fitness goals, me by guiding you along the way.

I will do my utmost to respond to every email I receive. I treat all equal, either you are sending me positive feedback or the opposite…

I firmly believe I am not special, I am just a average guy with more experience within fitness than most.

And my mission is to let you benefit from my experience!


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