What is Unique About Suspension Training, And Is TRX Good for Beginners?

Have you ever wondered what is unique about suspension training and if TRX is good for beginners?

After reading this post you can stop wondering.

I’ll tell you exactly what makes suspension training unique – and why it is one of the most beginner-friendly pieces of exercise equipment around!

What is Unique About Suspension Training, And Is TRX Good for Beginners?

Suspension training is one of the most spoke about crazes in the fitness world.

And for a good reason:

Suspension trainers are simple, easy to use – and super-effective!

With the suspension trainer, there is no need to deal with heavy and clunky weights. Your equipment just consists of a quick-to-set-up rope system – and the places you can work out are virtually limitless!

That means no more excuses, you DO have time to exercise.

Here’s what makes suspension trainers uniquely amazing:

Suspension Training Is For Everyone: Beginners and Pros

Yeah, you’re damn right it is!

The suspension trainer is so easy to use that basically anyone can use it – no matter your current fitness level.

A newbie, seasoned trainer, athlete, girl, guy, it does not matter.

Even bodybuilders have been swayed into incorporating suspension training into their routine when they see how effective it is for building muscle.

And so should you!

The Suspension Trainer Is Easy To Use

While the suspension trainer has been used by professional athletes and elite military personnel, it is designed with beginners in mind.

Various exercises using the suspension trainer can easily become more or less rigorous depending on the way you position your body and the number of repetitions.

Simply extending your arms or taking a step back can be the difference between a relatively easy workout to one that is quite challenging.

The Suspension Trainer Brings a Cardio-Strength Training Connection

The suspension trainer can be used for both strength and cardio training. All at the same time!

Have your muscles begging for mercy and get your heart rate going like crazy while incorporating HIIT intervals into your suspension training session.

Start your day doing 5 quick rounds:

  • TRX mountain climbers
  • Suspended squats
  • Suspended row
  • Suspended push-ups

HIIT style.


10 repetitions each exercise – 20 seconds break in between sets. Now we’re talking!

The suspension trainer is perhaps the only workout system (at least the easiest) that lets you do both strength building and cardio with just one piece of workout equipment.


Suspension Training Beats Boredom

“Only boring people are bored”.

Boredom is usually just downtime that could be used to better yourself in some other area.

Why not use the time to get fit instead of being bored? The suspension trainer is easy to use, requires little to no setup, and it’s tons of fun!

Why not use YOUR time to get fit instead of being bored? The suspension trainer is easy to use, requires little to no setup, and it’s tons of fun!

So next time you’re bored, go get your suspension trainer and see for yourself!

Home Suspension Training Workouts Are Flexible Both Physically And In Terms Of Use

Physically, the suspension trainer can be manipulated to work out ANY part of the body – there are over a thousand workouts that can be performed using the suspension trainer.

In terms of usage, the suspension trainer can be used pretty much anywhere. It can be used at home, in a hotel room when you’re on the road, and it can even be used outside!

There is no excuse not to get the best workout possible with the suspension trainer.


The Gym Is Expensive

Many gym memberships are a waste of money. Even a monthly fee at the gym can range from $20 to even $75.

Private training sessions are much, much worse! Annual workout expenses can be as high as $1,000 per year!

That’s crazy.

Buying a suspension trainer is a one-time cost that could last a lifetime. And you are essentially replacing all that heavy, nasty, sweaty gym equipment that everybody uses with your own lightweight, easily storable, super exercise system.

500$ a year in gym membership costs, or 100$ one-time fee to purchase a suspension trainer? Easy choice..!


There Are Suspension Training Classes In Your Area

Yeah, they are everywhere. TRX certified PTs are no longer a hassle to get hold of.

The suspension training system is sure easy to use. But if you want to get the most out of your suspension straps a little guidance could be a good idea.

Why not take some classes and let a professional show you exercises and learn you the basic techniques?

When first starting out it is important to get a couple of lessons in just to make sure you do not hurt yourself.

Any suspension trainer is very easy to use, regardless of brand. However, just to make sure you aren’t taking on too much at once, it’s nice to have a professional to guide you through a variety of workouts that will work best for you.

Suspension Training Provides Full Body Exercises

As mentioned earlier, suspension training is a full-body workout.

Your suspension training system boasts literal thousands of workouts that work any part of the body. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle, suspension training can get it all done.

Want to build muscle?


Create yourself a 3 split workout program utilizing exercises from my TRX Suspension Training Guide and make your muscles burn!

Thinking of losing some weight?

That’s cool too.

Shred fat with the TRX Weight-Loss Workout: 15-Minute Fitness with Jay Cardiello.

Suspension training will get it all done!

What Are You Waiting For? Get Your Suspension Trainer!


I am!

If you do not own a suspension trainer you should get one asap.

Either you invest in a branded one or make one yourself.


If you want to dive into the realms of even more exercise equipment, visit my strength-building resource – LOADED with reviews and actionable fitness hacks!

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